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I hope you’re doing great today on this Tuesday– cold and rainy here!

Little one was home sick today– lots of yucky stuff going around!

I mentioned yesterday that I’m SO excited about Hookum– the big buzz in online business right now. I’ve actually been doing a ‘real time’ review of Hookum in my free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onlinemarketingwriting/

I really wasn’t expecting much out of Hookum, to be honest. After a decade of being in online business, there isn’t much that wows me. Sure, I LOVE certain products and think they’re awesome.

And by no means do I know everything! There’s SO much I have to learn and part of the reason I buy products and study, study, study online business is because I will never stop learning.

The thing about Hookum is that it’s a new spin on an old, time-tested idea. The focus is essentially creating a freebie to build a list and making sales from there.

But, that’s an entirely un-sexy way of describing the actually Hookum method, which is pretty darn sexy. See what I mean:

>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/xc07g/0

It’s not just a typical freebie you’ll be creating– it’s a ‘Hook’ PDF … done a certain way. It takes about an hour to create.

And from this Hook PDF, you can build your list and/or make sales right away.

You can create an income stream in 1 hour of time spent on your PDF… what if you put out 5 a day? What if each earned you $10 a day? How many would you/could you build?

The PDF’s/method in question works for business-to-business niches, niche markets, affiliate marketing, promoting your own business– anything and everything!

This is easy and non-technical.

Mark Bishop, the creator, has earned over half-million dollars from this method last year- he actually shows his PayPal account in the Welcome video. And in just 2013, he was a struggling plumber.

>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/xc07g/0

This method is easy enough for the newest newbie and great enough for the most experienced marketer.

You WILL pick up tips, even if you think you’re jaded.

And you will be inspired, if you’re new or not.

Again, it’s a new, great spin on something that’s time-tested and evergreen.

Mark talks about traffic methods– again, a new spin on ideas we know with certainty, work.

I know you’re ready. You’re ready for Hookum.

And at under 8 bucks for a short period of time, you absolutely want to get your hands on this method.

>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/xc07g/0

Set up an income stream in an hour.


Build your list.



I absolutely recommend that you– and everyone reading this– grab Hookum immediately- before it’s gone and before the price rises.

10 bucks is nothing compared to what you can earn.

Let this idea inspire you in all areas of your business.

I’m excited 🙂


Join now and get FREE access to my paid Affiliate marketing group- you’ll get the link right after you buy.

NEW 2nd Bonus: Anyone who buys (or has already bought) through my link, write and let me know. I’ll send you my FULL notes that I took from the Hookum videos. This will help you get started ASAP!

Enjoy this! And profit…

(if you have questions about Hookum, just let me know!)

That Girl the Writer

P.S. Earning a high-six figure income from this method sounds like a dream. Yet, Mark explains exactly how he did it and how you can do it… no fluff. Get Hookum and see what I mean:

>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/xc07g/0