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Yesterday, in my awesome free marketing Facebook group (join for the full breakdown/review), I started a breakdown of the VERY popular “all the buzz” product, Hookum. I have to say, I’m really surprised by what I found going through the product.

I tend to dislike and stay far away from these mega-launches. They just aren’t my thing and the products usually don’t live up to the hype at all. I’m going to tell you upfront that this one is different. The product is less than $10, but is exactly what it says on the tin.

(skip ahead and see what that is)


Yes, you can spend about an hour and a few bucks (or not) and possibly be earning byTOMORROW. That’s not an exaggeration or a joke or hype… it’s just how it is. This is an evergreen method. It’s a BETTER way of doing things you’ve always heard you should do or already do.

I’m a copywriter and have been in marketing for 10 years– I absolutely learned things and had ‘ah ha’ moments by reading Hookum. There was a time when it was easier to make money online or start your own business. I still think it’s easy in relation to manual labor and things like that.

It’s about taking action, but it’s about taking action in the RIGHT way. You didn’t need a PHD to work out Facebook, G+, YouTube, SEO and you didn’t need to worry about what Google might spring on you next.

Nope, back then you could have working income streams set up in hours, and dare I say it: it was pretty easy! I kick myself for not taking better advantage of the easier income streams from “back then.”

But, this isn’t about the past, this is about the future. And Hookum taps into what people need right now, and that you can deliver right now, so you can start earning. It makes me smile because it makes things as “easy” as it used to be.


If you strip away all the bells and whistles ‘Making Money Online’ amounts to just 2 simple components: An audience desperate for a solution and a high quality solution that satisfies the needs of the audience.

Mark Bishop’s Hookum method uses those components in a method that works TODAY… it’s a method that’s just smart marketing for 2017.

This is NOT one of those ‘Get Rich Quick’ things. But yes, you can earn by tomorrow and certainly this week.

The Hookum method helps you set up tiny little evergreen income streams which take just 1 hour (and around $5).

It’s aimed for affiliates but can absolutely work for selling your own products and acts as a list builder no matter your niche or business focus.

Can you give something away for nothing?… most people can, and that’s all you have to do in order for Hookum to work for you…

Give ‘Em’ Away… Make Money & Build a List Watch this video to learn more:


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~ That Girl the Writer

P.S. I will absolutely be using the Hookum method for ALL parts of my business this year (products, list building, affiliate marketing, and even Kindle…)

Right now, get it for less than 10 bucks… but the price won’t last, so check it out now

P.P.S. At the beginning, I said “1 Hour Task Will Make $10 a day – How Many Will You Build?” This is what it boils down to.

If this is appealing to you (and it is), then definitely spend the few bucks to get Hookum. There are upsells that are good quality and worth it, but I have just the front end and it’s incredible:


Here are more of my thoughts on Hookum!

Just bought Hookum (Buy here to get started or follow along: http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/hookum/) because it’s what everyone’s talking about! I’ll tell you what I think about it in the thread below, as I go through it!

Me: I like that there’s a Facebook group that comes along with it- that’s the first thing I’ve done since grabbing it

Me: The sales funnel itself is a masterclass in marketing. There are a lot of upsells and downsells and that’s not my style… but the copy is fantastic and the funnel is well thought out. I was taking notes with marketing ideas for my own products, based on the Hookum funnel.

Me: There’s a long video to start with that I’ll have to watch tomorrow. It’s late! It’s about 50 minutes long and that’s the first step- but I’ll go out of order and look at the PDF first.

Me: Mark talks about the main reason people struggle to make money and sell… and gives a very simple explanation about what you can do to turn that around. This is about the psychology of selling and the fact that people don’t like to be sold to.

Me: Ah– this next part is very good. There are some great tips here for actually getting people to eagerly sign up for your list. So simple… but it’s something I’ve NEVER seen done or explained before. I instantly know that this particular trick works.

Me: Next, Mark shows his exact results with this list-building method– as well as how he applies it in the MMO niche and other niches. This is encouraging and pretty exciting so far.

Me:Of applying this method, Mark says, “The upshot is… when you do this right; you…

1. Build a list in any niche you like
2. And you… Make money”

Me: Next, Mark details exactly how to set up a lead magnet– in a way that will give a lot of value to your new subscribers and make you sales right away- he says as early as this time tomorrow, so that’s interesting. He also gives you the link so you can see a sample PDF so you know exactly how to do this.

Me: Now, Mark teaches you how to find something great to promote that will actually convert to your new list subscribers. This part is pretty detailed.

Me: He breaks down the elements you need to ‘hook’ the reader/future buyer- this is good stuff for all marketing efforts, really

Me: Mark shows you how to create your squeeze page and how to make yours look like his

Me: This PDF is definitely something you’ll want to read through once (if not more than once)… but then follow along with as you set this method up because he breaks things down nicely

Me: I will say that as a copywriter, I’ve written a lot of squeeze pages/set up a lot of affiliate funnels/created a lot of freebie reports. This method will certainly change how I do all of the above even though I’m told I’m very good at what I do . A lot of it is simple- but clearly highly effective and just smart marketing

Me: Now, Mark talks about driving traffic– and what to do with your Hook magnet to get it in front of people, build your list, and make sales– he says possibly by tomorrow

Me: I’ll have to watch the video tomorrow. For now I can say, this is very solid. Even though it’s a product under $10, it’s very workable and good for newbies to experienced people. It’s not hyped up junk– which I worry about with big launches like this.

Me: I just got the front end! The upsells include more niche ideas/breakdowns/plans, resell rights, and a lot more video training. They seem to be good quality upsells, but just the front end for me for now!

Just found another section in the member area I’ll go through tomorrow- a PDF case study and a video showing $260 profit in a day from this method– should be interesting! I will continue my review tomorrow.

Me:Just checked out the Facebook group after being added– people are VERY excited. I’d say the group alone is worth it. They’re also talking about the webinar which will cover more of this strategy, so that’s exciting. Although Mark says you don’t have to attend the webinar to understand the strategy because it’s all in the front end materials!

Me: One of the PDF’s included in the front-end of Hookum is an example you can follow to create your own ‘Hookum’ list-building/sales machine. It’s pretty well done– I can see why people go crazy for this AND why it makes sales. It’s the ‘freebie’ strategy, but much better because of the value it provides. I think it’s going to be pretty easy for anyone to replicate this strategy with this example PDF. Good stuff!

Me: Then, there’s this video with this tagline: “Recent List based case study ($260 profit in 19 hours)”

Here’s the link to see the product: https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/xc07g/0