One of the most discouraging things about working from home is the isolation. As a teacher, I was used to being surrounded by people. I was responsible for 20 or so kids at a time and got to interact with adults every single day. We did things after school (happy hour!) and just had a great time together.

While teaching was not the right path for me, I really miss those folks. I miss working with people and getting to talk face-to-face. I get to stay home with my two little boys and do things to “get out” of the house, but that’s not quite the same thing as interacting with like-minded people who know what you’re going through.

It’s important to me to get to bounce ideas off of people. I like to have people to look up to. I like to offer a helping hand when I can.

While the format is different, it’s still possible to have a “work community” that offers all of the things you might be missing when you work at home.

I’m fortunate in that I discovered early on that I needed and wanted to interact with other small business owners online. It started out as a way for me to learn the craft of online marketing, but it turned into something much more. The people I was learning from, brainstorming with, and caring about became my colleagues.

  • I can ask them questions as they come up
  • We can collaborate on projects
  • We can moan and complain when things change 😉
  • They can ask me questions on things I might have a little more experience with

There is one main place I consider to be the online equivalent of “my office” and that’s Earn 1K a Day. I simply don’t know of a better community anywhere online. You’ll find me praising this membership all over the Internet, because it’s truly different than anything else out there (and I know…I’ve belonged to several online communities).

These people are there for me — whether it’s a personal or business issue.

I’ve learned invaluable lessons from being a part of this community. They are always there to pick me up when I’m down, and to give me an even bigger boost when I’m already feeling on top of the world. People like this firm up my sense that there is

The point here isn’t to sell you on Earn 1K a Day (but yes, I have included my link), it’s to sell you on the fact that you need to find an online community that understands what you are going through. It can get very lonely working online, and it’s missing a lot of what a job outside of the home would offer. Finding a great community (whether it’s the one I belong to or a different one) is key.


Are You Ready to Give Up?

The longer I work for myself, the more I realize that not everyone is “cut out” to live this lifestyle. I’ve had no less than 5 family members and friends come to me, directly wanting to learn how to work for themselves to earn money from home. Exactly 0 of them have actually followed through.

Part of the problem is that the reality is very different from the fantasy many have when they start out. There is a learning curve. I remember struggling to put up my first site on WordPress. It seemed so daunting. But, I checked out videos on YouTube, used trial and error, and got my first blog up.

After having coached a fair amount of people now, there are some big differences I’ve noticed between those who succeed and those who give up.

These are generalizations, mind you.

Those who do not succeed:

  • Come up with every reason in the book why this won’t work, that won’t work, and this other thing won’t work either (ugh!)
  • Do not take the initiative to research something they don’t understand (YouTube rocks for techie-dunces like me!)
  • Just want to learn, learn, learn, without ever taking action
  • View IM as a hobby
  • See this as a quick fix for money problems or long-term wealth, but haven’t and won’t take the step to get some sales buttons out there!

Those who do succeed:

  • Know that the most successful people in the world make an incredible number of mistakes to get where they are
  • Know that you can’t make money unless you actually have things for sale!
  • Have a lot of initiative — they aren’t afraid to ask questions, but they know that a simple web search can save themselves a lot of frustration
  • Have incredible motivation BEYOND making money

That last one is key. Do you have motivation beyond making money? Even that’s not a sure bet. I’ve known people on the brink of bankruptcy who know this is an option, and choose to twiddle their thumbs anyway (they just talk about why it won’t work!). You have to get rid of the doubts…you have to just dive in.

So, no, online marketing and freelance writing is NOT for everyone, and that’s okay. If you’re ready to give up, take a long hard look at your motivations and what you’ve done so far to try to make it online. It’s okay to want to do something else. But, if you take that long hard look and realize, “hey, I actually haven’t done enough to be successful online yet, let me give it another shot,” you’ll be glad you did 🙂


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