Black friday sale banner sign as three dimensional text on a stage with spot lights and sparkles as a party to celebrate holiday season shopping for low prices at retail stores offering discounted buying opportunities.

Hey there!

Just a quick note today.
I can’t believe it’s already been a week. I early voted yesterday- honestly very glad to have that over with!!!
I found out I’m on the leaderboard for Barb Ling’s Covert Black Friday Cash. That’s awesome! And that’s thanks to you…
If you haven’t checked that out yet, I’d LOVE to stay on the leaderboard or even move up…
That contest ends tonight 🙂 I’m going to add on a great bonus if I make it on/stay on the leaderboard.
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This guide is all about how you can earn during Black Friday– you can earn as an affiliate, an Amazon associate, with your own products and services… there are SO many ways to earn.
And Barb has ideas that are perfect for 2016.
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That Girl the Writer
P.S. Black Friday is right around the corner… now’s the time to profit
Skip the pizza and grab this guide… ideas for everyone and for all experience levels to earn bit this Black Friday!