Hey there,

I’m so excited– part of my goal as we enter into this new year is to give to you– you who I’m writing to– more value.

I want you to always feel excited about opening the emails you get from me. I want you to know that I’m here to help and share and that we’re in this together.

Today, I’m giving you a product that’s one of my best-loved products 🙂

You don’t have to pay a cent for it!

It’s guaranteed to help you out and make you more productive.

It’s often the case that you don’t get as much done as you want.

You have life that gets in the way.

You have health that gets in the way.

There may be mindset and motivation issues.

Maybe you have a day job and/or way too much to do in your business.

It’s overwhelming.

The goodie I’m giving you is called ‘Marketing in Minutes.’

It’s a super-useful product of mine that helps you get a LOT done in short chunks at a time.

It helps you get organized and focused… it helps you set goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 15 minutes, a few hours, or an actual full workday ahead of you (wouldn’t that be nice!), you’ll get a LOT more done if you follow Marketing in Minutes.

I’ve fallen away from my own advice on this… when I use it, it works 🙂 That’s why I decided to offer it to you guys.

Consider it just one of the Christmas/holiday/special end-of-year gifts I plan to deliver as we finish out this year.

Here’s the link:

Just sign up here and you’ll receive your freebie right away:

>>>> http://marketinginminutes.getresponsepages.com

Enjoy 🙂


There are some GREAT goodies I recommend you grab before they expire:

Tiff Lambert’s Health and Wellness PLR deal expires in a couple days. Right now, it’s a shocking (seriously shocking) low price for four reports and five product review articles in this fantastic niche:

Check it out– a full listing at this link:

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How can you profit with PLR?

It’s basically ready-to-go content you can doll up a little bit (Tiffany’s restrictions are very, very loose) and use as if it were written just for you.

You can use it to build your list. Use it to create a squeeze page, use it to drive traffic (via article marketing, social media, and more.

Use it for autoresponder and broadcast emails. Use it for product reviews to make sales as an affiliate.

Use it as reports to give away. Use it as reports or ebooks to sell.

Use it as e-course content. Use it as membership site content.

Use it to dominate a niche as an authority. Use it to build your blog.

You get the idea 🙂

Tiff’s package is so big– and the cost of a large pizza– that you can get started right away. And she has other packages available at 98% off in this same niche so you can really take New Year’s Resolutions by storm 🙂

There’s also Paul Coleman’s list of the BEST places (many FREE places) to promote your Kindle/self-published books.

This particular report will be taken off the market today… so you’ll have to grab it right now to get it.

There’s one spot on this list in particular that I ALWAYS use 🙂 And the ROI is absolutely incredible. Worth many, many, many times the value of this report. Write me after you grab Paul’s report and I’ll happily share my exact strategy, etc.

Here’s that link:

>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/blhjz/0

Last but not least, I’ve been telling you about Amy Harrop’s awesome crossover between self-publishing and e-commerce.

It’s publishing card decks! That’s a great tip for you 😉 Think outside the box like that… at the same time, Amy’s followed the money for you. She’s done the research. She’s someone I ALWAYS turn to for all the latest and breaking in self-publishing.

Definitely check this out- I’ve reviewed this product and it’s fantastic– seriously– you’ll be smiling and pumped full of ideas all the way through.

Think of this for fitness, goal setting, business, self-help, motivational, gaming, health and wellness (in COMBINATION with that great niche idea from above, hint hint!)… SO many great niche ideas that can be used with card decks.

Very cool… and potentially very profitable for you.

Check it out:

>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/v8nnq/0

Enjoy your free gift!

Check out those links before those deals expire– only the best.

Have a great day-
That Girl the Writer

P.S. Let’s get a lot more done in a lot less time in 2017, okay!? It can happen! — Don’t forget your free gift: http://marketinginminutes.getresponsepages.com