One of the biggest confusions people have when they first get into affiliate marketing with Amazon is how to find products they can make money with.

Sure, basically everything in Amazon sells — but not all of them are HOT sellers.

If you want to earn some great commissions, you’re definitely going to have to go for ones that are hot sellers.

You need to put yourself in FRONT of the money.

If people are spending a ton of money on product X… you want to be selling product X!

And no, you cannot always rely on search counts from the Google keyword research tool alone.

It’s very important to figure out how well a product is selling before you go after it.

How do you do that?

There are plenty of tools at Amazon that are perfect for this purpose.

You can look at:

You can also look at:

Another favorite way is to type your keyword/product into Google, to search for it.

If there are Adwords ads, the chances are good it’s profitable and selling well — if people are PAYING to promote their site with the product, there is usually good reason for it.

Be careful, though — some companies bid on very generic and/or not totally related keywords, so you need to be sure people are bidding for YOUR keyword.

Yet another indicator is how many reviews there are for the product. If people are taking the time to review it, good or bad, then it is a hot seller. For every X number of reviews, you can generally rest assured that hundreds of others purchased the product as well.

Generally, you’ll want to use several different methods to determine whether a product will be profitable, or not.

These things in combination are pretty good indicators.

Questions about doing this? Ask away in the comments section 🙂