Happy Thursday!

I hope you are having a fantastic week! I’ve spent most of
the last week with my little ones — one with pneumonia
and the other with a stomach bug! I’m happy to report that
they are feeling much better.
How are you?
Are you promoting a book on Kindle or thinking about it?
This message is for you…

I get sad sometimes, thinking about products or books
people have created that aren’t getting the attention they

You see others getting a LOT of attention and know your
stuff is better…especially when it comes to Kindle.

Why are other people selling more stuff?

Here’s the big hint: It’s because they have reviews and
social proof.

It’s how all the big publishing houses and indies get sales.

This got me thinking… so many of you have Kindle books out
there you wish were making more money.

But you’ve heard how Amazon is really cracking down on
and you wonder how on earth you’re going to get
people to review your books.

After all, we all know that the having reviews leads to

No one wants to buy a book they know nothing about. But
they will buy a book that has several great reviews.

Can you actually get people to review your books or should
you throw in the towel?

Actually, it’s insanely easy to get people to review your
work for you.
It’s easy to get very legit reviews pouring

You just have to know how to go about it.

The easiest way? Contact people who have already given
reviews on books that are similar to yours.

You can spend hours doing this…with great results.

But really… you don’t have that much time 🙁

Wouldn’t you rather have someone create a spread sheet of
those willing to give you reviews, along with those
reviewer’s email addresses? You could probably pay someone
$10 an hour to do this. You reviewer might be able to find
and record several reviewers per hour…pay them $50 for 5
hours work and you just might have enough names to contact
for a few reviews.

It’s well worth the investment!

But… wouldn’t you rather just pay an outsourcer a low fee
one time and have him work for you…delivering a
list of names and email addresses of willing reviewers in
just a few seconds? Wouldn’t you rather be able to turn to
this reviewer whenever you or a client releases a new book,
for free?

No one out there will let you pay them one time to find you
awesome people to review your book in a totally legit way 🙁

But what if there was software that could do this for you?
What if there was software you could pay one time for to
have it find you awesome, legit reviewers in seconds
whenever you want?

You’d take the email addresses and craft personalized emails
to these reviewers, offering to gift your book to them in
exchange for their thoughts.

You’d do it time and time again until you had many real
reviews on your books.
You’d do this for your clients until
you WOW’d them with how many legit reviews they are

… and you only have to pay the software once.

No need to hire anyone.

You become a review-getting master in your clients’ eyes.

You get yourself some awesome reviews from real readers
at the push of a button and some thought out emails to
those reviewers.

My friend Amy has worked with her business partner, Deborah
to develop such software.

I can’t believe it’s available at such a low price! Especially
considering how important reviews are and how much
they can increase your Kindle income.

What does it do?

It is software that works on Mac or PC. You tell it some
keywords or a book genre and it finds people’s names and
email addresses who’ve reviewed similar books.

It’s all totally awesome because it’s people who’ve indicated
they enjoy reviewing
and have left their email address or
website. You’ll get a ton of awesome reviews! Amazon won’t
have any issue with the reviews you get and you’ll sell many
more books.

People want to know that your product is good. The reviews
will be the social proof they need.

Reviews are what set the winners apart from the losers when
it comes to Kindle affiliate promotions.

Check out some results others have had from using this
low priced software (well under what you’d pay an outsourcer
for small amount of work(:

Also check out the video they’ve created showing you how it
works (hint: you’ll learn how to do this manually if you
aren’t sure about the software:


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P.S. I have to say I was super-skeptical of this software
at first
…I thought it was going to spam people or automate
the actual emails…but I was wrong. What it does is the
work an outsourcer would do manually…finding willing
reviewers in your niche…no matter which niche you’re


It gets my seal of approval for its white-hat nature. It
just plain works. Save yourself a ton of time and get
reviews for yourself or clients:

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