I was looking back through some of my previous posts and noticed that the last time I really talked about the Earn 1K a Day website in depth was in 2009! It seems like that wasn’t so long ago, but here we are in 2012!

I joined the Earn 1K Day forum in 2007. That means it’s been a full five years since I became a member!

So, has it been worth it?

Absolutely! The site has only gotten better over time. I’ve never once thought about dropping my membership, because it truly does feel like home to me.

If you follow me for a while, you’ll notice that I talk a lot about the importance of having a community. Earn 1K a Day has been a community for me. In fact, I would say the number one thing that has helped me be successful over the years was having a community to turn to.

That’s why I recommend those who are serious about their business to join. Not only will you always have a community and great info to fall back on, but there are a ton of networking opportunities. There’s a joint venture section where you can find affiliate partners. The chance to get to know people who are like-minded is invaluable. You never know who you’ll meet who can help you get to that next level!

Of course, many people join because of the free products. Dennis Becker is always asking us members which products we would like to be added.  If a product is available with rights to include on a membership site, you can rest assure that Dennis will consider offering it.

More importantly, I believe, is that all of our suggestions and wishes are heard. I’ve always like I could come to him with questions or suggestions.

The bottom line is that Earn 1K Day is a very strong community full of like-minded people. Remember, membership sites start up all the time, and many unfortunately fade away. Earn 1K a Day is not like that at all — it is here to last, and it’s something I strongly believe you should consider.

Let’s talk about the name for a bit. The name is something that definitely takes people back! Earning $1000 seems like a large and unbelievable amount to a lot of people – especially when it takes place in just one day.

My answer to that fear or doubt is always that it’s just the goal to have in mind. Dennis is not promising anyone big riches without hard work, and that is where the difference comes in. Having such a strong goal, $1000 in one day, has encouraged many people to go on to have their first $1000 day.

The community, motivation, and available tools definitely makes this membership site worth it. I never want to be without my Earn 1K a Day membership during my time working online.

Check the membership out, here

Then, please contact me for your bonus on getting the most out of Earn 1K a Day.