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Migraine day so so much is on hold for me right now. Blah– tomorrow will be better, I can feel it 😉
My friend Alessandro released something today that I know you’ll love– it’s a very fast way to create valuable “mini” products in the form of Cheatsheets. You can create and earn from them quickly– so I wanted to tell you about it. I need to get off the computer and rest, so here’s what it is in his words:
Cheatsheets exploded on to the scene within the last year and can now be found everywhere. They are easy 1 or 2 page documents with the best information you can find about a new product, a new idea or a new trend.

It’s easy! You can write your first one, complete with a sales page in no more than 30 minutes, and get it ready for getting sales or for giving it away for free to attract a lot of free leads onto your lists.

See how to do this, here

Nothing has been proven more powerful than cheatsheets, as you can simply copy the contents from the web (Jenn’s note: in the form of research) without writing anything of your own, and use our sales page template included “as-is” to generate a new product in less than half an hour…


The good thing with the launch of a cheatsheet is you can do it the same day you create your document, as you don’t need any JV launch phase, and you don’t need to do anything other than opening the sales!

  • Here is what you will find inside our course:
  • Why cheatsheets work like crazy.
  • The 9 sections that make a good cheatsheet.
  • Live example of a winning cheatsheet.
  • My best one included for free, for you.
  • Where to find news, ideas and trends.
  • The four different types of cheatsheet you can create.
  • Four places to get your ideas.
  • The sales letter, step by step (you get mine to use!)
  • Sales page creation notes.
  • How to find ideas for One Time Offers.
  • The step by step sale process on WarriorPlus.
  • And much, much more!
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P.S. Still behind on responding to emails and just about everything else in life– be patient with me 🙂 Lots of good stuff coming
P.P.S. Cheatsheets are fast to create, deliver value that’s easy to consume, and are easy to earn with. See how to use this business model, here