Cha-Cha Guide Review – How Much is Your Time Worth

Update on Becoming a ChaCha Guide:

Since I first wrote this post in 2008, a lot has happened in the online world. From the many, many comments this post has received, it is quite clear to me that I can stand by my original conclusion that ChaCha is not worth it for most people. Those who do claim it’s worth it, tend to also include their referral link 🙂

With that said, ChaCha just might be a fun activity you can do while earning a few bucks at the same time.

But, if you’re looking to earn an income from home, I 100% do not recommend ChaCha. There are far, far better ways to make more money with your time.

Whether you’re a writer, have the ability to be a virtual assistant, like to do graphics design, etc.

The bottom line is that ChaCha won’t pay the bills, but there are plenty of things you can do to start earning.

Heck, head on over to and post a few offers for things you can do for $5. It’s better than the .005 you might earn at ChaCha.

That’s my bottom-line opinion 😉


(Original Post Below)

Okay, part of my job is to help the readers of this blog know what a good opportunity is and what a bad opportunity is. I know of many people who are interested in the Cha Cha Guide opportunity. Is it worth your time?

Well, I actively set out to find out. The only problem is that I wasn’t accepted as a guide. This was very strange to me as I have very good research skills, am a fast typist, and am generally good at all things online. I DID take the entrance test while my toddler was running around like a banchee, but I was very surprised to learn that I had not passed. I also didn’t read the guide I was supposed to read, so it’s totally my fault. Okay, I was a little bit bummed as I really did want to see what all the fuss was about.

A few days later I got an invitation for a new Cha Cha role called an “expediter.” This sounded interesting too!  Apparently I don’t suck that much 😉 The basic gist is that you help speed up the process of connecting guides to people asking questions. I tried to log in to try this role out, but the login would not work. Several e-mails to the “guide care” e-mail and no response. I’m starting to feel like they don’t treasure their guides all that much.

That last paragraph made me realize that I should back up and explain what Cha Cha is. It’s actually kind of interesting. You can dial in on your mobile phone and ask a question. Human guides (Cha Cha guides) search for the answer and send it to the person “mobiley”.  (It’s free for the person asking the question.)

Now, this is not big money even if you are offered a role. As a guide you have the opportunity to make a whopping .10 per search. I think the average pay is around $4 an hour. Holy moly is that low!

While I was waiting to go “undercover” to investigate this opportunity for you I did some research on this company and how they treat their guides. What I found wasn’t pretty (suddenly, I was glad that their guide care people didn’t get back to me). In fact, it was downright scary sometimes.

The forum posters defintely didn’t have good things to say. There were a few people here and there who were having fun as guides, but many others had been terminated for seemingly silly reasons. Many people weren’t accepted in the first place, and those who were often felt like they were not paid anything near what they are worth. Debates about the program are rampant.

It seems like a dark world as a Cha Cha guide. In fact, they are heavily regulated to the point of craziness. People who had websites couldn’t post their true feelings for fear of getting banned. Those who did…got banned 😉

So, do I recommend you become a Cha Cha guide? Definitely not. While I wasn’t able to “get in” I did hours of research that told me to stay far away from this “opportunity.”

Working for pennies just isn’t the best way to work online.

Remember, if you want to start earning an income online, sign up for my free books. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions. Sometimes you just want to earn more, and being a Cha Cha guide isn’t going to pay the bills.

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71 Responses to Cha-Cha Guide Review – How Much is Your Time Worth

  1. I’m a ChaCha guide and it’s ridiculous. Yea, it’s easy but .02 cents a question? Are you kiddin me? Hell no. Screw ChaCha.

  2. Corrine — I actually tried Project Payday when I first got start online in ’07. If you’re willing to sign up for offers, you can make some pocket cash pretty quickly 🙂 It’s not a scam…but it wasn’t a good fit for me.

  3. I’m not sure why you guys think its a dumb idea to spend money to make money… You really do have to spend money to make money (More money than before that is). It’s pretty much how capitalism works. Just look at the root word – “Capitol”
    Now, I’m interested in ChaCha to make some extra cash. My family’s budget is starting to run tight. All i want to know is the hourly wage you think it is possible to make. And also, is it possible to get promoted?

  4. Some of you are getting it rather confused. You CAN make 10-20 cents every question answered. You have to be a SPECIALIST to make 10-20 cents an answer. GENERALISTS make 8 cents. EXPEDITORS make the whopping 2 cents everyone is talking about. So if you want to make more money, become a Specialist, or even a generalist. The readiness test just includes the “harder” questions you get sent from Expeditors who can’t/don’t want to answer them.

    Am I saying ChaCha is the most awesome thing ever? Hek no. However, I put an extra 40 buks in my pocket this month, logging on for less than an hour a day, a couple days a week. Is it complete crap pay, yes. Is it worth the couple hours I put into it every week? Yes! I’m not going for multiple zeros in my bank here. For the sometimes half hour I spent on it, It’s cool to have an extra 40 buks to save, when I did next to nothing.

    I actually took the “readiness test” for being a Generalist and passed it, but I got the congratulatory e-mail today so I have no income from that to speak for being a Generalist yet. I figured I’d promote myself slowly, as I didn’t want to jump the gun and screw up the test. I plan on becoming a Specialist, and putting an extra 150 (or so) a month in my pocket.

    I do not have another outside the home, “legit” job, as I am in a complicated/high risk pregnancy, and can’t work. And sitting on a computer for a few minutes in the comfort of my home,
    and getting even just a little money to save in the time being, is helping out. That’s my life story.

    IF I get banned for making too much money, I’ll be back on here to let everyone know. However I don’t see that happening, as I’m NOT trying to make $1000 a month from ChaCha. Just an extra hundred or so.

  5. Chacha is what it is…I am an Expeditor…pretty easy gig…you just have to put in the time answer weird questions and submit…you wont get rich but its a time killer and u can make a few bucks……great for those who have no education or drive I guess or those going through hard times…beats standing outsie a Mcdonalds bummin change…..not for everyone but what is?

  6. I am doing ChaCha for some start up cash to try and start my own online business. Honestly, for someone that doesn’t know how to do anything better, it is great. I do it while I watch movies, or when I just have 30 minutes to sit around and try and fill with something. It adds up. I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to get a domain and web hosting instead of using blogspot.

    By the way, I’m writing a blog about my attempts to find good ways to make money online. I actually link back to this blog. You have been a great help! I loved the e-books.

  7. I love working for ChaCha. You don’t make a lot of money, but it’s fun and entertaining. It does help to have a referral, so feel free to email me at and I’ll send you an invitation to apply and I can answer any questions you might have. ChaCha!

  8. I just started with them and refuse to do any work. I first failed the test, but they decided to give me a new position they started called “vetter” which is basically an expiditor but “with a human touch” and the pay? $0.005 yes that is half a cent per question…

  9. ChaCha is sooooooooooooo lame! They now pay $.005 per question. The people making $.02 barely get any traffic and people are averaging $1 an hour if they are lucky, yes, LUCKY!

    If you want to make money working from home, stay away from ChaCha Search.

    If you need questions asked while away from home, same applies. Stay away from ChaCha search.

    Sorry folks but that is the truth about ChaCha.

  10. Internet marketing at it’s finest… Notice this site was a top 5 hit in Google, and it just became one big sales page with “Free” stuff….Yeah, I trust this opinion…lol

  11. Spdzmknz, you can trust whatever you’d like. If you’re happy earning tenths of a cent for your hard work, more power to you.

    But, I could never recommend this for someone who wants an actual income.

    If you’re not interested in my “free stuff”, that’s fine.

    There are some excellent tips in there on earning a real income, so you’re missing out 🙂

    I have, quite literally, had people e-mail me months after downloading my “stuff” to tell me they are now earning a great income and feel so blessed to have gotten the info for free.

    It’s no mystery, but I’ve had my online business since 2007 and earn far, far more than I ever did when I was a teacher.

    I do have some insight into what works and what does not, even if you’re not interested in hearing about it 🙂

  12. If interested in chacha…give me a holla…I have an ebook I wrote on how it works and how to get started, I can email it to you right away! ChaCha has worked for me!

  13. Very informative review about the reality of being a Cha Cha guide. All that effort for pennies is just not worth my time. I found your blog while searching for honest Cha Cha guide reviews and have added a link back to it from mine. Keep up the good work!

  14. Since this post I wanted to point out that they added a new vetter category, which I guess I am, though I don’t really touch it. It makes $0.005 a question. Yes, half a penny. It does go quickly, but it’s hard to do more than 2 (3 if you’re really good) questions a minute.
    With 2 that comes out to $0.30 a hour.
    With 3 it’s $0.90. It’s not worth it.

  15. I signed up to be a Cha Cha guide (Vetter) 7 days ago. I can tell you 101% this is a scam. They promote $5-$7 dollars per hour but the truth is, it’s $2.50 per hour or $3 at YOUR BEST. I’m unemployed and I figured, OK… some money is better than NO money.. I studied all of their information and logged on for the exam. No exam popped up as instructed so I email Cha Cha indicating so. The next day I receive an email saying I was accepted (without taking the exam) and to start working. I worked probably 20 hours over 3 days and had a total of $47. It didn’t seem worth it, I wanted to gouge my eyes out! You have to make at least $150 to even get paid! But, I kept at it, thinking I needed that money and I would continue sitting on my butt to see how fast I could tally this. Into my 5th day of work, I got it up to $62… suddenly I get bumped out of the system. My access was denied. I recieved an email that was vauque in nature as to exactly what guideline I broke. I didn’t break any guideline. I gave all answers to the best of my ability. I was rated periodically with 100% scores, on a few occassions I received a 0 score (there’s no inbetween), zeros for what? These were my own answers that I had to research and input within 3 minutes of time.. they were answers that weren’t in their data base. Apparently any answer I gave no matter how thorough was wrong. I was getting set up for failure. I’m pretty sure I was booted because I was destined to make $150 per week, slave my life away, I was getting to that $150 mark too close for their comfort.. they expect you to work your life away and not hit that $150 mark for 2 or 3 more months. I busted my butt or them and didn’t get paid. No one to talk to about it and never any answers. Complete Joke. Oh and really, all the abuse a guide takes with the gross sexual content you have to deal with and name calling. Talk about abusive environment, pay wise and emotionally!
    I think if you see ANY POSITIVE comments online about Cha Cha that they are planted by Cha Cha.. you cannot make more than $4 even when YOU TRY TO OUT DO THE SYSTEM! A friend of mine joined to prove a point and she just clicked on any answer repeatedly to see how much she could make even if she tried to out do it.. it was impossible and SURPRISINGLY she received good scores on how well she answered questions and was booted 10 days later without a reason. It’s set up to make you fail. I took this position seriously and I wasted my time and neglected my kids for a few fake bucks. Cha Cha please stop posting fake things about the earning potential and those guides posting links.. you’re wasting your time and taking advantage of others along with yourself!

  16. PS.. that post up there from Lyssa, that is a complete LIE. A corporate Cha Cha employee posting a plant. You can’t even out do the system to get past $4 per hour, the questions popping up is not a problem, they pop up every split second for everyone. There is NO potential $7 to $10 per hour.. EVER! Someone should sue their butts! Did you hear me.. $4 at CHEATING THE SYSTEM and once you get half way to $150 within a week time, it’s buh bye for you!

  17. PSS. FOLKS those of you that are Cha Cha guides.. you should know you get paid only ONE CENT PER TRANSACTION.. NOT 2, not 8 — ONE LOUSY CENT. It’s right on their website, actually their website states HALF CENT, so they must of bumped up the anny to ONE CENT. So sick of false information and out right BS.

  18. Just want to say, as a college student, ChaCha is a *fantastic* opportunity. 2 hours of down time on campus between classes? Need a study break? Boring lecture? Earn a couple bucks for your time.

    It’s definitely not an ideal job by any means, but in a lot of ways it is perfect for a typical college student. Between class schedules and homework, maintaining a part-time job can be near impossible. As a college student, I naturally love learning about new things and being a guide gives me a chance to do that – in fact, I learned about ChaCha through another question-and-answer service (Quora), where I spent an embarrassing amount of time answering questions for no pay. With ChaCha, the work can be tedious and the pay is low, butts rewarding in a way for the right person.

    One last reason a college student is a good fit for the job is that we (should!) have better-than-average research skills, meaning one can move through questions quickly.

    Admin, your assessment is valid and surely relevant for many people, especially homeowners and people with lots of bills, people who don’t simply enjoy researching, who aren’t savvy with the web, etc. But if you’re a curious student like me, well-versed in the art of Google-fu, doing guide work for ChaCha can be great.

  19. You will not make money at even if you are internet savy…period. ChaCha is just for fun. It will cost you more than anything because you are using one of your most valuable resources…Your time. You are also using your personal resources including your computer and electricity.

    Now if you have nothing better to do and you enjoy sitting at a computer answering questions about what you are wearing, what your bra color is, and why doesn’t Tommy text me back…And oh, lets not forget the ever-wonderful questions about hard-core porn then go for it.

    If you want to make money don’t waste your time.

    If you want to answer questions just for fun but like to choose the types of questions you answer, there are many sites where you can do this where you will not have to subject your self to the degrading questions you would at on this site.

    Oh, and lets say you are internet savy, you should be paid at least minimum wage for your skills.

  20. The positive reviews on ChaCha may be true but the Vetter position (currently paying 1 cent per question) will make you hate your life.

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