YouTubeSpyHey there,

I hope you had a Happy Halloween, if you celebrate! My kids and I had a lot of fun– it’s such a fun holiday and I love dressing up even as an adult 🙂

Lately, I’ve been interested in video marketing. I’m honestly not that good at it because I haven’t done a lot of it. I’ve dabbled in it over the years, though– with pretty good results.

I think if I ramp things up, I’ll see even better results– whether it’s for my products, services, Kindle, affiliate marketing, etc.

YouTube is really powerful. Video is really powerful in general.

I know lots of you are really into video marketing or want to be… and are really in tune to the fact that YouTube is a REALLY good way to drive traffic. Google loves YouTube, of course 😉

So, I came across YTube Spy and wanted to let you know about it.


It allows you to quickly and easily create a YouTube Live Stream event inside of YouTube Spy in just a few clicks.

The tool leverages YouTube’s most powerful ranking platform ever- they’ve built their proprietary system along with Live Events to guarantee you rank on the first page of Google and YouTube.

YouTube Spy will create your live streams based on the keywords you pick and immediately start tracking your rankings.

You’ll even be notified of your rankings by email 🙂

What exactly is YouTube Spy?

Griff says it’s the #1 tool for YouTube marketers that allows you to schedule live event sand rank those events to page 1 easily… and then to analyze and track everything you need to know to outsmart your competition and succeed in your video marketing efforts.

How fast can you see results?

They say many of their students have been able to see results in around 15 minutes to 48 hours!

The tool is simple and even tells you what you need to know regarding your competition.

This tool allows you to import channel and videos, complete channel analytics, complete video analytics, upload and schedule videos, keyword and backlink scraper, auto keyword suggestion, YouTube subscribe button, complete video search, complete video rank tracking…

PLUS… you get the bonus custom video downloader and the custom proprietary live event scheduler and ranking software.


I really expected that this would be several hundred dollars but I was shocked when I scrolled down to find that this is super affordable– seriously! You’ll be surprised too! It’s really, really inexpensive for what it is and it’s packed with features.YouTube marketing is a great move for you as a marketer, no matter what your business type, experience level, etc.

Grab your access to this tool and get the rankings and sales you need to boost your business 🙂


That Girl the Writer (who is determined to use more video to drive traffic– it’s so fun!)

P.S. I’m not sure if they’ll raise the price on this in the future- I recommend you grab YouTube Spy now for the lowest possible price and so you can get started right away: