Create your own profit-pulling ‘Udemy’ site…

Hey there!

I hope you had a great weekend. I unfortunately caught some kind of weird bug so I’m not feeling too great!

That’s okay- could be worse!!

I just hope the kids can stay healthy because it’s almost time for school to start. I can’t believe the summer’s coming to an end!

That’s going to give me more time to work, though… and one of the things I’ve wanted to start doing again is launching courses.

I LOVE launching courses. My Power Ghostwriting and Magic Presell courses are two of my favorites that I’ve done.

But I’ve been thinking lately about launching courses on Udemy. It seems easy to cross-sell courses there and I love the layout– I’ve bought several Udemy courses that others have put out.

Today, I saw something I’ve never seen before– it’s a WordPress plugin that lets you launch your OWN ‘Udemy’ site in just minutes.

You can set up courses in a great, customer-friendly way. You can list 1 course or 100 courses!

You can create new courses, list your current content in course-format so you can sell more copies (there’s definitely a higher perceived value for courses vs. ‘loose’ PDF content… even if it’s really the same thing.

You can even buy PLR that’s relevant to your audience and plug THAT into course-format… in just minutes.

For example, you could take Tiff Lambert’s Internet Marketing for Seniors PLR content (, grab WP Coursify (the plugin I’m talking about) and have a ready-to-go membership site in under an hour.

Seriously… the ideas are just turning, turning, turning in my head.

Start your own online academy.

Earn more from your current content.

The price on this plugin isn’t even all that high… and there are tons of ideas on this page for profiting from it.

Very, very cool…

The price is about to rise (in just hours, I think)… so I definitely recommend you grab WP Coursify now while you’re thinking about it.

This is a no-brainer way to squeeze more earnings out of what you create… courses are a FANTASTIC way to make money and offer really, really high value to your customers.

And now you can create them in minutes… instead of hours like it’s taken me to do in the past…

WP Coursify is something I think you’ll love and do great with:


Enjoy your day!

That GirlĀ the Writer (who LOVES creating courses and taking courses and is super-excited about this…)

P.S. This is a great idea for you mini product creators out there…

P.P.S. The price is going up soon… grab your copy before it does…