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How are you doing today?
As I’ve written about a few times lately, Kindle is a biggg part of my plans for 2017.
I’m going to rebuild my Kindle business in a huge way.
And Paul Coleman is someone I’ll be looking to on that journey.
I’m a fan of writing shorter books to test the waters in various genres… I’ve always liked writing shorter books- that’s why I used to like the serial strategy that you can later combine into a larger book.
But short books aren’t ‘dead’ on Kindle, even if people try to tell you that.
Quite the opposite.
In fact, they are very, very much PROMOTED and encouraged by Amazon specifically 🙂
That’s good news for you and I.
They are fast and easy to write… and short books can be very profitable.
They are great for those who are experienced at writing, of course… but writing shorter can also be less intimidating for those who are newer.
So, I was really excited when Paul let me have a look at his new Tiny Books, Massive Profits product.
You can write ‘tiny books‘ that generate massive royalties on Kindle.
Paul has lots of screenshots and examples on this page of really short books (seriously… in the 30-40 page range) doing REALLY well and sell like hotcakes on Kindle.
You can definitely do that, right?
He details quite a bit of why and how that works on this page, so check that out:
And I recommend you grab this strategy and make it part of your 2017 plans:
I am! That’s for sure.
I am SO excited about this.
Grab this through my link and get access to my Easily write Kindle Fiction guide, Free! If you already have that, write me and you can pick an alternate freebie 🙂
That Girl the Writer
P.S. This offer closes in less than two weeks… I definitely recommend you grab it now before it does… it’s a great business model and it’s something you can profit from… Paul knows his stuff… here’s that link and you can get a great sense of the strategy and what Tiny Books are and why they work from this page: