IM Summer Camp Notes Tim CastlemanMy, my! What a great few days.

I’ve been doing a lot more social media and really meeting some goals with consistency and business growth… and I strongly believe that growth begets more growth!

I have a goal to reach $10,000 in income per month, within the next few of months. I’ve achieved that level of income before- it’s a matter of pushing past mindset and health issues to achieve it again.

Mind you, I haven’t consistently been at that level- but near it. It’s been a while since I was at my highest consistent level- which proves the point of how important consistency is.

What’s your income goal? Join me in achieving it!

One of the best ways to achieve an income goal you have (or any goal) is to follow in the footsteps of those who’ve come before you— those who are ALREADY successful and already have the level of income you want to have.

One way to network with and learn from this high-achievers is to attend live events.

Unfortunately, these live events are often several thousand dollars.

So, that’s a bummer.

And often, they’re very far away– like, one of the very best IM/business events was just held in Canada- called the IM Summer Camp event.

It featured names like Ezra Firestone, Don Wilson, and Michael Devlin.

Oooohhh, how cool would it have been to have gotten to go to this event!?

Each of these speakers are million dollar earners.

Holy cow.

There were 13 speakers in all- some million dollar earners and others 6-figure earners- (I’m so jealous of Tim Castleman, who got to attend!)- each of the speakers have made a ton of money in ecommerce and other business topics.

These guys literally gave away their best 7-figure earning ‘secrets’ from the stage.

You and I weren’t there 🙁

… we missed out on some amazing tips, tricks, and methods that could seriously boost your earnings- no matter what marketing level you’re on or what your goals are.

From what I hear, these tips could put 7 figures in YOUR pocket if you’re consistent, work hard, and apply what they tell you.

I would personally love to get to a consistent 6-figures. I feel like 7 figures is a ways off for me- but I need the building blogs to get there.But, there is some good news for both of us.

Tim Castleman and his team of expert note-takers WERE there at this event…

And they’ve’ smuggled’ (they were allowed, haha) everything out that was covered over the 4-day event.Others paid thousands upon thousands to attend…

But YOU can get the notes and all the ‘gold’ Tim smuggled out for a teeny-tiny, eeny, weeny fraction of that when you click the link below…

Go get your notes from this ‘summer camp’ and make this your best year ever! Achieve your goals- I’m determined to achieve mine 🙂

NOTE- the notes will be released on July 26th and there is a FREE, no-pitch Q&A session on the 28th.


The next best thing to being there… and less than a night out at Chili’s for 2 people (or heck…even one person!)

Grab them now, before the price rises:
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