Very rarely do I get so pumped about a product that I feel the need to talk about it everywhere. This is one of those times! Probably because it was a direction I’d decided to take my business in already and this offer fell into my lap at the perfect time.

One of the fastest growing areas for service providers and online marketers is Social Media Management. I’ve been doing this on a small-ish scale for a while (without knowing that was what I was doing!), but now I’m going to ramp it up in a big way.

Ryan Deiss has teamed up with Social Media Manager extraordinaire Kate Buck Junior, who currently makes 10K a month as a social media manager part-time.

This is really her product, and she’s done a GREAT job with it. I’m truly blown away by the material and the potential.

I’ve been a service provider for three years now, and even have my own course on becoming a ghostwriter, but this is definitely the next step for me.

I’m also writing this recommendation with a bit of urgency, since Ryan has released a special bonus for affiliates, through this weekend only. If I can refer 10 copies of the product, I’ll not only earn commissions, but I’ll also win an iPad 2!

I love a challenge (and I love iPads), so I’m hoping to reach that goal. But, if you know me, then you know I ONLY recommend stuff I’m really excited about.

If you’re a service provider/offline marketer/writer/online marketer, then you NEED to check out Lets Get Social.


For those who buy through my link from now through Sunday, I will personally coach you to help you get your service business, ghostwriting business, or social media management business up and running for a full 30 days.

The bonus alone is worth the purchase price of this product (and I regularly sell out coaching slots at just under $200/month) so snatch it up now!

My Link (what you need to get the bonus):

To collect your bonus after purchase: just e-mail me or PM me and I’ll give you my super-secret contact address to get started with your coaching 😉

PS. YES, Ryan has used a super-annoying control-less video technique. I will give him my feedback on this. When I purchased, I just let the video play to the end (while I did something else), then the order button showed up. I am SOOOO glad I gave this product a chance since it is going to do amazing things for my business this year