profit slackerHey there,

Yikes, it’s getting harder and harder to turn on the news. You never know what new surprises are going to pop up when it comes to the US election. Hang in there, everyone 🙂

Another short note today. I wanted to let everyone know that I’m getting off of some of my migraine medications that I think weren’t helping as much as they should have been migraine-wise and were essentially making me chronically fatigued/brain fogged and unable to function normally on top of it all. I want to get back to more natural methods- many of which you all have pointed me to- thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Anyway… during the election primary, I volunteered for a campaign. One of the main ways organizers got information out and everyone chatted was via a tool called Slack.

Have you heard of it? I hadn’t… at least, not before that.

Now I see it everywhere.

Slack, Slack, Slack!

It’s the free tool everyone is using. From political campaigns to businesses.

So, when I saw a new product talking about making money by creating communities using Slack, I was really intrigued and I definitely wanted to tell you about it.

Slack is a really great and easy to use free tool and I can definitely see the possibilities here!

Jeremy Kennedy has a lot of experience with this and has created a product called Profit Slacker. Great name! 🙂


He says he was poking around on Slack one day and he discovered an entire realm of people using Slack in a way he hadn’t heard of before.

There were people who’d created private and public niche communities using Slack chat rooms.

These aren’t saturated at all like on other social media platforms 🙂

He discovered that there were hundreds of these groups and multiple thousands of members in them spread across dozens of niches.

He realized he discovered a gold mine 🙂

And these communities and niches are growing every day.

Jeremy notes that this is a really, really new concept for you to use as a marketer– you can build up these really awesome and high quality slack communities and dominate any niche you choose…

And he’s laid out a blueprint that will help you do that. And of course, you can earn a great income using these methods.

You can create your own highly profitable community for free, starting today….

Jeremy says there’s an insane amount of money being made with these communities.


He’s going to expose it all to you and show you how to easily create your own profit-enabled Slack community before you go to sleep tonight.

He shows you how to set it all up.

He shows you multiple strategies you can use to start making money with it ASAP.

This can give you multiple streams of income from just one place.

Pretty great, right!?

This is so awesome and it’s definitely not saturated. The sky’s the limit with this method. Definitely check this out!

Note: This isn’t a “$7” product… but it’s not a “$97” product either. It’s very, very fair in price for all niche marketers of all levels… it’s a fantastic buy and a real business model that can REALLY help you make more money.

Enjoy and grab your copy of Profit Slacker now, because it might increase in price and it’s definitely full of value 🙂


That Girl the Writer (who’s feeling super positive about the weeks to come!)

P.S. Be on the forefront of this method… get your copy of Profit Slacker ASAP: