I haven’t really “been away” from online business so much as I’ve been concentrating on my family (of course!) and some long-standing SEO and ghostwriting clients. I didn’t keep up with the forums as much as I normally do. It’s very, very surprising to me to learn just how much has changed in a short period of time. One of the biggest changes actually just happened, with the “Google Caffeine” update to the search engines. It sounds very interesting! It can also mean some changes to the way we need to do things — it’s all about fresh, up to the minute content.

I really like how Jennifer Ledbetter over at PotPieGirl explains things. Have a look:

Google Caffeine Update

Any thoughts about the update and what it will mean for your business? I believe I’m seeing some nice results for some of my sites from the “MayDay” update and Caffeine…but it could be too early to tell 🙂 Quality content will truly get you everywhere!