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Popular self-publishing niche- little to no writing needed…

Hey there,

I hope you’re doing awesome today!

We’re dealing with poison ivy here today- on top of the bug that’s carried over from the weekend.

Gotta laugh! 🙂

I’ve been hinting at a really cool niche for self-publishing… unlike others, this one requires little to no writing!

And I know it’s popular because it’s one my husband and son are really, really into 🙂

This isn’t coloring books or journals- those are great.

This one’s different.

If you’re “puzzled” about what the answer is, you won’t be for long (I’m proud of myself for that one, haha!)

What’s the answer?

Puzzle Books!


I never would have thought of this one on my own– but of course, Amy Harrop did. She’s  also discovered super-simple ways to create puzzle books even if you don’t have the first clue on getting started.

In her new training, Amy Harrop reveals yet another easy, virtually risk-free way to
create quality books that people buy.

What’s even more amazing that these books typically require very little writing,
and can be compiled quickly and easily!

That’s right, you can create unique in-demand content that sells… with little or no writing for many different age ranges and demographics:

Now you can get the inside scoop on how to quickly publish these profitable books.
You’ll discover:
  • Why Puzzle books are so profitable..and why these books sell millions of copies and readers buy these over and over again
  • The types of puzzles that sell
  • How to create puzzles instantly at the push of a button.
  • And much more!

This is awesome! I have my copy and I’m going to find time to do a review of it- maybe for my new Kindle group 🙂

You can learn more here:


Grab your copy now (Note- This is NOT a $5 or $7 product. It’s not a $97 product either. It’s priced great for a publishing model that will save you time and earn you money. It’s worth it…)

Jenn the Writer (and the puzzler… 🙂

P.S. The price WILL rise… get on top of this self-publishing model before people catch on… it won’t be saturated, but get in while the gettin’ is good!.. And while the price is low…