Publisher's Power Tool Amy Harrop Deb DrumHey there,

I’m actually feeling pretty good today– hooray! How about you?? I hope you’re awesome!!

You know me by now and you know I’m totally gaga for anything to do with publishing, writing, and earning money from self-publishing…

There are obviously lots of different ways you can write and self-publish books… some more difficult and time consuming than others.

But my buddies Amy and Deb (love them! Always on the forefront of this stuff) have by far found the easiest way to create a book…

And the good news is that you absolutely have the tool you need 🙂

It’s PowerPoint!!! 🙂

Using Powerpoint to create books (and products and giveaways, for that matter) is so incredibly easy and fun!

What I love about this process is that it’s fast and if you know some of the tricks that Amy and Deb show inside, then you will be a master at creating books with Powerpoint in no time!


And it can be really profitable…


Check this out:


Here are a few things you will discover:

  • How to publish popular books and content in these niches on nearly any topic…children’s, how-to, self-help, inspirational, cookbooks, and more.
  • How to turn this common computer application (Powerpoint) into a book creation machine and drag-and drop your way to a book in about 30 minutes.
  • Why using the ‘template’ publishing method gives you massive results quickly and make more money.
  • How to Insert multiple images into your book with one click!
  • How to create both ebook and print ready books.
  • And much more

This works on any topic!

My mind is spinning with ideas.

You can do this for freebie giveaways, books you’ll self-publish and sell, and so much more… this is so fast and easy and they explain a lot more on their page.

See how it’s done here:


That Girl the Writer (I love self-publishing ideas that don’t require a ton of writing 🙂 This could work for info-products, Kindle, CreateSpace, … so much!)
PS – I love what they show on inserting multiple images at once – it’s a HUGE time saver!

It’s all right here: