proteinpowderplrHey there!

Wow! November is almost over already! That’s crazy to think about… and it means that people are thinking about health and fitness gifts for others and they’re ALREADY thinking about New Years Resolutions.

Well, Tiffany Lambert, my favorite writer (besides myself, haha), has new PLR available that will help you cash in on this, as a marketer.

There’s a phenomenon in fitness right now… very highly searched and very profitable.

And you can take her PLR on this topic and pretty much run with it! She has very, very few restrictions.

I’m getting ahead of myself…

Here’s what she says about this topic:

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Whether your audience is trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass (or even just get fit and feel healthy), there’s probably one thing they gobble up more than anything else…

According to, $3.8 billion worth of foods touting protein rich source were sold from 2015 to 2016, which means it spiked sales by almost 12%.
Online sales are HUGE – take a look:


So, this is pretty exciting.

She’s put together a full PLR pack for you on this topic- Protein Powder!

Here’s the list of topics:


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That Girl the Writer (who knows how huge and profitable the fitness industry can be… and Tiff has hit it out of the park with this topic…)

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