Hey there,

Wow! We’re at the mid-week point already 🙂 I can’t believe how September is flying. It’s still really hot in my neck of the woods- as if summer’s still here.

We’re fully into fall activities, though- with the kids deciding what they want to do after school this year. So far, karate is winning out again. Awesome! They love it.

Today, I’m writing you with a special offer I haven’t given for several years. And even now, it’s extremely, extremely limited.

It’s my fan-favorite Kindle ghostwriting offer… except this time, I’ve totally revamped the offer from what it was several years ago to make it extra valuable– there’s even an option that nearly ensures your profitability.

The focus is on Kindle fiction- and for good reason.

The timing is perfect as well- offers are to be started through the end of the September and through the end of October– to get ready for the incredibly profitable ‘Kindlemas’ season.

That’s when everyone gets their new Kindles and Amazon gift cards and spends money like CRAZY at the Kindle store.

You can make money hand over fist… but you need to get your fiction books up in time 🙂

That’s where I come in.

On the next page, I share with you the best genre options and the amazing, incredible, rock-bottom priced special offers I’ve come up with for you… including the absolute best deal that includes everything you need to get started profiting as an author 🙂

Warning… there are only FIVE (5) spots available.

So, grab your spot ASAP before they’re gone.

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The last time I offered this, they sold out right away.

Again, I haven’t offered anything like this for several years.

Get your spot now, for delivery through October.

You’ll get a smile on your face when you see package number 3 🙂

This is for those who are SERIOUS about Kindle– whether you’re experience and want to bulk up your inventory of books or you’re brand new.

Hurry… grab one spot or more… but grab fast before this offer shuts down.

That Girl the Writer (Who has a soft spot for Kindle and thinks it’s the #1 way to earn a living for passionate writers and markters)

P.S. Kindle can be a great income… let me help you get your Kindle fiction income started the right way… get one or more spots before they’re gone…

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