Hey there,

How’s your Sunday going? I hope it’s going great.

I’ve been going through my older Kindle books that have done well for me… taking stock of what I’ve done right and wrong.

Here are a few things about what I did to make those books successful– I hope you pick up a tip or two!

  • I was releasing consistently
  • I research what was ALREADY selling and stuck to those themes
  • I made use of KDP Select and planned out free days and ads- and I change the prices of my books depending on promotions
  • I made BUILDING A LIST a priority for each pen name– this is important because it snowballs success
  • I studied successful authors- even if those authors had more money and reach than me… even if the “author” was actually a team of people writing on the same pen name
  • I paid attention to the keywords I used in my titles and descriptions

How about what I did wrong?

I stopped releasing consistently because life and health got in the way

Actually, that’s all I’m going to list for the “wrong” category. Why? Because actually writing and releasing is the absolute most important thing.

All other “mistakes” can be fixed. Write and release, even if things aren’t perfect. You can always tweak everything else and learn and improve along the way.

So now? It’s all about Kindle, Kindle, Kindle. That’s what it has to be for 2017. Kindle is just such a great opportunity– perhaps the best opportunity for writers in the history of the world.

Right now, I’m on an eager hunt for everything I can get my hands on to get back to where I was with Kindle and take my earnings WAY higher.

I know you’re interested in the same.


I HAD to tell you about this …

Bolaji O has released a writing guide on how to get readers ADDICTED to buying every one of your books!

Here’s the thing.

There are some blatant mistakes that too many indie fiction authors have been making…

And it’s driving them straight to the poorhouse.

If you’ve struggled to sell as many fiction books as you would like…

KD Addiction could change your fortunes in a hurry.

I’ve checked this guide out, and it blew my mind. It’s legit.
Nothing like this has ever been published, to my knowledge.

In fact, one author used this tiny tweak to go from 1 sale/day, to $12,000/month in royalties.


And KD Addiction is currently available for an amazing, low price… compared to its value and what it could do for you as a Kindle author.

But I guarantee that’s not going to last…

I try to get you the very best deals – so snag this one on the early bird price….
(before Bolaji comes to his senses! LOL!)

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That Girl the Writer


Chapter 7 — The 5 Best Ways to Lose Your Readers Forever…
I cringed when I read this one.
I see too many indie authors make this mistake.

Learning how to avoid this, alone, is worth the price of admission
(and then some.)

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Chapter 5 is chock-full of mind-expanding ideas!
I might print that one out, and use it for all my book chapters!

It’s that useful.

I love this guide.

Grab it during the early bird special for the best deal.

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