Hey there,

I can’t believe how quickly this week is flying by!

I just got some lab results back and it turns out I’m massively low in Vitamin D… uh oh. So, I’ve been prescribed a mega-dose of Vitamin D to take once a week. Whoa. I know how important this vitamin is so that’s a wake up call.

But I’m lucky because I was being tested for all sorts of things to make sure nothing else was causing the migraines and fatigue, so I’m very lucky that the “bad stuff” came back negative.

Take care of yourself, okay? 🙂

This week, I’ve been urging you to grab my new 14-Day Kindle guide. Basically, this guide gives you the exact steps you need (in a very no-fluff way) to start from nothing and be published and earning from Kindle in just two weeks.

If you haven’t grabbed that, definitely do– it’s just over 3 Bucks. Put these steps on your calendar and do a little each day. Before you know it, you’ll be succeeding with Kindle!

If you’ve struggled with Kindle or hesitate to get started, know that it’s so important to ‘follow the money’ when it comes to choosing your genre. I detail exactly how to choose a good selling genre in the guide.

Here’s that link:

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And I go into a LOT of depth on this on Day 1 in the upsell to the guide, the 14-Day Kindle Challenge membership. This membership includes free products, helpful links, more hand-holding, free personal help, and a lot of detail (more being added daily) on each of the daily steps.

If you already have the guide, take advantage of the fact that I haven’t had time to raise the price on the membership… and I haven’t had time to take away the FREE added benefit of personal help (that will soon be a pricey upgrade).

Here’s that link:

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You can publish on Kindle as a subset to your business– use Amazon’s traffic to build your list, act as a business card, spread your name as an expert, etc.

You can publish on Kindle and turn it into a full-time income machine!

Kindle can be so many things… and this 14-day guide and/or membership (I recommend both and am constantly adding to the membership) can get you to where you need to be.

Enjoy it… but join now before I have time to take this out of pre-launch and the price rises on all parts of it.

Woo hoo!

Speaking of growing your list… Kindle is definitely one way to do that. Your book on Amazon can act as a lead magnet. The trick? Include a link and enticing text to go to your squeeze page and sign up for a freebie!

Put this link and enticing text in the front matter of your book (make sure it’s within the first 10% of the text so it shows up in the ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon.

People who buy your book will sign up to your list AND people who are just browsing Amazon will sign up for your list. This works well… your list can start to build itself.

How else can you build your list?

It’s important to have lead magnets set up. You want lead magnets set up all over the web, building your list and earning for you day and night.

The trouble is, not all lead magnets are good.

In some cases, you might find that your lead magnets aren’t working at all.

The fact is, list building has changed over the years.

Amanda Craven used to set up lead magnets that worked for a while, but turned out to be all wrong for the way people work today.

People have less time.

Less patience.

And a much shorter attention span.

They don’t want your fancy schmancy super-long ebook or loooooooooong

They don’t even want your so-called short report (10 pages?
Filled with words?!) in many cases.

Nope, they want short and sweet. But still valuable. Still

Oh, and it has to look amazing as well.

Think you can do that?

No worries… Amanda Craven has done it all for you with her brand new Instant Money Magnets.

Based on the cutting edge principles she revealed in her
bestselling Money Magnets, these are gorgeous Done-For-You proven
Lead Magnets in a variety of easy to edit formats!!!

You can just grab her work and upload these lead magnets!

Then you just sit back, relax and watch those subscribers
roll in.

She’s created these in three of the hottest topics in IM, these lead magnets
will work for any marketer, including offline marketers.

Set up lead magnets faster and easier than anything else out there with Amanda’s done-for-you list building lead magnets.

Grab your copy now (Early Bird and dimesale so hurry!).

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Kindle’s important.

List building is THE most important, no matter what your business is online.

Get your lead magnets set up, build your list, and succeed.

Jenn the Writer

P.S. Let me know if you need anything!