Hashtag Genius Han Fan The ‘magic’ of hashtags:

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How are you today? As always, let me know if there’s anything you need or any way I can make your life easier 🙂

Today, I took the kids back-to-school shopping. Oh my… Target sure got a lot of my money!! Hahaha!

Lately, I’ve been testing a few different social media apps and software.

I think social media is SO important for traffic, list-building, and sales.

But it sure can take up a ton of time. And then, who knows if your efforts are even paying off…

It’s really disappointing to tweet or Facebook post to… no one… 🙁

But then, when a post or tweet or whatever REALLY takes off, it’s SO exciting. And when you start getting opt ins and things from your social media efforts, that really puts a smile on your face.

I’ve been testing Buffer, MeetEdgar, Hootsuite, and others– some I’ve used before and I’m returning to and others that are new to me.

Today, I came across a new one I want to try out because it focuses on HASHTAGS!!!

This is really exciting.

The cloud-based (it works on everything) tool is called HashTag Genius.

It helps you find profitable, viral posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, based on popular, trending hashtags.

I hope your brain is spinning already… as a marketer trying to drive traffic and build your list so you can earn more, you have to stand in front of the traffic!

You have to find what is already working and where people already are and FUNNEL that traffic to you, instead.

So Hashtag Genius is… well… Genius! 🙂

It does just that.

It helps you curate and generate posts and make use of hashtags the right way so you can get more traffic.

The stats and graphics Han Fan and his partner show on this page are really impressive– check them out:

The software helps you generate a viral campaign in 60 seconds!! So cool.

The wheels are turning, turning, turning for how I can use this in my business.

I wanted to tell you about it ASAP, because the early-bird launch pricing is rising in just a few hours.

I think there’s also a developer upgrade option, FYI… in case you want to run this as a service for clients.

Take a look at their explanations and video examples of how to use this software… allow your jaw to drop when you see the price (I’m paying a lot more MONTHLY) for my other software social tools…

This is an insane deal… but only for a little while longer… the price will go up. But it’s worth it at a much higher price, in my opinion.

Can’t wait to make better use of hashtags!!!

Enjoy, profit, drive traffic, and build your list with Hashtag Genius:

>>>> http://jvz1.com/c/515/230537


That Girl the Writer (who loves social traffic because that’s where it’s at!

P.S. Remember… this deal is ending in a few hours… it’s a really cool, innovative tool that taps into existing traffic to funnel it your way… that means a bigger audience and more cash for you!

Grab your copy, now:

>>> http://jvz1.com/c/515/230537