Barb Ling Facebook Live CheatsheetFacebook Live Marketing?

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Happy, happy Monday 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to connect even more with subscribers, customers, and readers.

It’s often social media– I love Facebook groups for that.

And of course, the email list– you know how big I am on list building and email marketing– everyone should be doing it!

But have you noticed how many celebrities, influencers, and marketers are using video to share information and engage their audience?

Not just any video (although video of all types can be effective, when done right).

I’m talking about LIVE video.

Facebook Live, to be exact.

There’s Periscope, too– which is super fun to watch as a user. I’ve thought about using it to showcase certain events I’ve been at and things like that.

Periscope, of course, is connected to Twitter.

Facebook Live is Facebook’s “version” … so you can be sure they’ve set it apart in a number of important ways.

If you go Live on Facebook, you can connect with your current audience in a way that draws them in.

They can comment while you talk and they can share their likes and reactions along the way– if you’ve never watched one of these, it’s so fun to see the reactions “fly” across the screen 🙂

I watch Facebook Live videos all the time– and love it, as a viewer. I can tell when my favorites go Live and I can view their videos and things like that.

I’ve noted that Barb Ling is THE BEST when it comes to Facebook Live. She creates great videos that really let you into her life and who she is.

There’s an honesty there in her live videos, and in others, that’s so refreshing. Watching her videos really makes me feel like “I’m there” with her as she’s recording.

It’s the next best thing to actually being present with someone.

It’s a fantastic form of networking– for the viewer and the person recording the video.

And they’re archived, so they can be used forever… they don’t disappear like Periscope!

You can use Facebook Live to build your following on Facebook.

You can use it to build your list.

You can use it to promote new offers.

You can use it to build relationships that are stronger than ever with your customers.

As you know, people are more likely to buy from you if they know, like, and trust you.

As she’s known for, Barb has created a Cheatsheet that can help you get started with using and marketing on Facebook Live… and she’s priced it at less than a Starbucks!


At the time of this writing, she’s also frozen the dimesale!

For under 4 bucks, you can grab everything you need to know to get started marketing on Facebook Live today… and you’ll be learning from someone who uses this technique all the time.

This isn’t just theory, this really works for Barb.

Facebook Live can help you boost your business and use Facebook more effectively.

You could also use this information to create a service that teaches local businesses and other marketers how to use Facebook Live… 😉

Whether you’re just curious about how Facebook Live works or you’re determined to use it as successfully as Barb, I had to let you know about this because so many marketers like you are interested in using it these days.

It’s “the thing” to focus on lately for marketers and business owners of all types.

Enjoy it!

Those who use Facebook Live and those who watch the videos really, really get a lot out of it.

And now with Barb’s cheatsheet, you can too!

That Girl the Writer (who adores everything Barb puts out and the way she markets in general!)

P.S. I’m not sure when Barb will un-freeze the dimesale… it’s a fantastic, limited bargain that you can grab for the cost of a fabulous coffee 😉