Hey there,

Sorry I’ve been so quiet in the last several days. I’m stuck in a particularly bad migraine cycle right now. Even when it’s not painful, it’s draining. Sometimes, I like to separate myself from the experience and try to view it clinically. The first stage for me often feels like I’ve taken a dose of NyQuil or something. The heaviness that signals something worse to come.

I’m fascinated by the human brain and body. And nothing is impossible. I’m imagining the day when I can write and say, “hey! I haven’t had a migraine in YEARS! Isn’t that CRAZY!!!” It will happen 🙂

Let me know how you’re doing too… and if you’ve written me and I haven’t written back, send me another message if you get a chance. It’s not on purpose.

Having been out of the loop a bit, there are certain things I’ve been flipping around in my mind and thinking about. The goal for most of us is to not have to worry about finances, to have passive income, and to get to do the things you want to do in life.

Affiliate marketing is the golden child of passive income.

There are lots of ways to earn as an affiliate. The ideal situation is that you have lots and lots of affiliate links up on the web earning for you from lots of different merchants. To have these pages connecting buyers with the things they already want to buy or the things they want but didn’t know about until they saw your link.

Pages that contain your affiliate links and information about products are sort of like 24/7 salespeople. You set them up once. You don’t have to be actively present to earn from them.

Over time, you have more and more affiliate links set up and earning for you. Your affiliate income snowballs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with the kids, reading a book, or vacationing in Cabo. The earnings keep coming.

It’s fun– you don’t have to create these products and once they are set up and released they earn, earn, earn for you.

There are different ways you can get your affiliate links out there- including manually creating pages for each thing you want to promote.

The problem is that that’s a slow method. It takes time to gather information, grab your affiliate links, find images to use, find social proof, etc. Creating an entire website with your affiliate links can be discouragingly time consuming… and people give up before the earnings start to come in because it’s snail’s pace way of doing things.

Automation is the answer.

Like, instead of it taking a month or more to create a full-featured affiliate website that earns for you, automation can mean that the same thing (but better) could take 51 seconds instead.

Imagine that.

When I think about all the time I spent manually creating affiliate review websites!! It’s crazy to think that this is possible.

It is.

The tool that was released today is a 7-networks-in-one WP based affiliate store creator.

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/get-multistore-builder-for-affiliate-automation/

Right now, it does what I just described above… and it’s just NOW live with an early discount.

It has modern features that are designed to work with the web and buyer’s interests in 2017.

It can do everything from bulk import products from 7 major affiliate networks in one affiliate site alone… to allowing you to customize everything, add personalized reviews and articles, and rank in Google with near-automated effort.

If you hurry (and I don’t know how long the early discount lasts, but it’s a VERY low price for a tool like this. They want lots of early buyers, but at a certain point, they will price it much higher).

The MultiStore builder team says this is the first tool of its kind, going further than anything else on the market.

It can build stores and import products from 7 networks, fast.

It allows you to import individual products you want to promote or bulk import products from Amazon, Aliexpress, Evanto, BestBuy, Walmart, eBay, and Shopify.

It allows you to create an authority store in seconds with the most relevant products and keyword rich, unique longtail pages. This is where those little sales people (your affiliate pages) really come through for you. The money is in the longtail. This allows you to target that.

Again, you can customize the pages it generates and automates for you– giving you the control if you want to edit the title, descriptions, add content, and reviews. This is what leads to good Google rankings.

This tool is easy to use– from the automated features to the customized features.


Also, and this is BIG, it has built in traffic features and training to guarantee results. You can automatically post important products to social media platforms like Facebook!

I can’t list all the features here, so you’ll want to go to the MultiStore Builder demo to check it out.

There’s great stuff like advanced shortcodes, auto price updating, detailed importing stats, and the ability to work with most WP or WOO themes.

Again, check out the demo so you can get a visual of what this does and how i can work for you to make it very easy to set up affiliate websites, or affiliate ‘stores,’ in seconds.

Imagine thousands of monetized, helpful pages out there for popular, profitable products– all featuring your affiliate links! Good stuff.

Check it out…

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/get-multistore-builder-for-affiliate-automation/ (early bird price link)

BONUS: This comes with INCREDIBLE bonuses. Also, get free access to my paid affiliate club as your bonus for buying through my link!


That Girl the Writer

P.S. Check out the demo, here:

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/get-multistore-builder-for-affiliate-automation/

P.P.S. Remember- this is the early price (check what it is here– you’ll be surprised) … but that won’t last- I hope the early price is still up for you!

Want to learn more? Watch this video: