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How are things with your business? If you’re stuck on anything, let me know and I might be able to help! Seriously- no expectations at all- I love helping whenever I can with nothing expected in return.

PLEASE let me know. If there’s a simple thing I can do or say or answer- I want to do it! 🙂

In general, I’m all about simple and quick ways of making money. I WISH I were able to work full workdays- but with my health, and kids, and everything else, I just can’t.

So, I have to find ways to earn a full time income without having to work full time. This is a necessity for me.

I totally understand if you’re in the same boat. Maybe you have to work part time for whatever reason, or you have a day job, or you are struggling with bills– it’s pretty refreshing that you and I are one of the lucky ones– in that we know online marketing exists and we’re willing to do what it takes to make it work for us.

One of the ‘fast rises’ in IM I’ve been watching for a while is Ben Martin. We’re Facebook friends and in a relatively short period of time, he and his girlfriend Anji have become powerhouses in this space.

They earn a lot and travel all over the world and do what they want. They work hard to play hard… and they find shortcuts and innovative methods so that they can play and earn 🙂

That’s why I study them, even when they don’t realize it — and I was so excited to hear about the release of Castaway Commissions.

It’s actually their COLLECTION of different methods that allow them to earn $719+ per day.



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And some of the methods only take about 30 minutes or so. I have 30 minutes, even though I’m busy- don’t you?I mean, we can certainly make time to earn almost a thousand bucks a day. Eek! That would be great! And I WILL Achieve that.

The cool thing about their methods is that you don’t need experience, or tech skills, to get started.


I did want to get Castaway Profits in front of you ASAP because the price doubles in 6 days!


I’ve taken a look and this is great. Very much worth the low, low cost (I mean, if you can earn thousands for a few bucks, who’d pass that up!!?)

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There are Facebook earning methods, Instagram earning methods, case studies (see exactly how they do it!), list building, etc. etc. etc.

Here are just a few of the things included:

  • Little-known secrets Hollywood A listers Use to make money
  • A legal way to make $67.90 every time you eat out
  • How to make money by going viral on Facebook
  • The most powerful way of making fast money online
  • A 47 second secret you can use to leverage world leaders
  • The BIG mistake 97% of affiliate marketers make
  • How Ben generated $59,435.33 in 8 weeks using free Facebook traffic
  • Cracking the secret cash code on instagram
  • So much– that’s just a FEW of the things included. Yay!!!!
  • There’s a secret bonus I’ve attached for those who buy– if you already have this one write me back once you find out what it is and I’ll send you another one 🙂
This combined with Hookum (if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is)… means huge profits this year. SO pumped 🙂
Here’s your copy of Castaway Profits:

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That Girl the Writer (who gets so excited when things are truly worth it and wants to share so many awesome things with you! I daydream about the success others can have with this stuff!)

P.S. This price doubles in a short time… so definitely grab Castaway Profits right now, and get my bonus right now:

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