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Yesterday, I wrote you a note about Castaway Commissions… except I got it wrong and called it Castaway Profits… haha! Oops.

Same difference, I guess.

Today, I want to go more in depth into what it contains.

(As a side note, I’m going to create a “Hookum” style Hook PDF to promote this with, so stay tuned for that to ‘spy’ on what I’m doing and learn even more about those methods. I’ll be creating Hook PDF’s for lots of things, actually- including Clickbank products, my Kindle books, etc. Yay! By the way, I’m going to add another bonus- a Hookum PDF template to make implementation super easy for you and me- so if you haven’t gotten it yet, do that and then write me for the MANY bonuses I’ve added. If you have, I’ll send this one ASAP>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/xc07g/0)

Now, back to the Castaway Commissions breakdown…

Here’s more of a review now that I’ve had a chance to go through more of the Castaway Commissions product (got the name right this time 😉

Facebook Income Training:

This is all about making money on Facebook.

This is a PDF that’s called “Facebook Money Map- there are also 15 videos to go along with this section. Big value… several could have been sold as a product all on their own.


– Overview video
– Little-known secrets Hollywood A listers use to make money
– A legal way to earn $67.90 every time you eat out
– A 47 second secret you can use to leverage world leaders
– How to make money by going viral on Facebook
– The most powerful way of making fast money online
– How to turn personal tragedy into thousands of dollars in commissions.
– The BIG mistake 97% of affiliate marketers make.
– The #1 times to make money online using Facebook
– What a fitness mogul taught me about making money online
– The fortune that’s hiding under your nose and how to cash in on it
– How I generated $59,435.33 in 8 weeks using free facebook traffic
– How to capture the cash using free Facebook traffic
– A step-by-step breakdown of my daily routine on Facebook
– Next steps to success in your Facebook marketing journey.

The PDF goes in depth about these topics as well.

Instagram Income Training:

This is all about using Instagram to make money.

There are several videos as well as a PDF to this section:

– Overview video
– What you can do to cash in on Instagram right now
– Banking with your bio
– Earning with follow up and other money secrets
– What not to do
– The power of consistency and daily money routine
– Making money with pictures and words
– Secret Instagram cash code
– “Secret” software and automation
– Using Holr
– Double whammy traffic method
– Next Insta steps

The PDF provides written details on these steps and ideas.

Then, there’s the video/training section called “How to Make $5,000 in one day using free Facebook Traffic.”

There’s a lot to go through and I haven’t gone through every single part yet… but it’s guaranteed you’ll pick up ideas for marketing, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I watch Ben and Anji on Facebook and how they market.

And they have a pretty cool story—from Ben living above a drug den out of his window to them traveling to beautiful locations all over the world. They constantly have beachfront pictures and all that stuff

So the Castaway Commissions focus is their lifestyle and this is how they do it.

See it here:

>>>> http://jvz1.com/c/515/244038

The fact that there’s so much to go through is a great thing- it’s worth the low price of entry.

Find one nugget and more than make your cost back… but I’m sure you’ll find dozens of great tips you can implement.

To sweeten the deal (and it really only costs around the price of a very, very cheap meal out or a run to the fast food…), here are some bonuses:

Just write me back to let me know you bought and I’ll get you taken care of:


Grab Castaway Commissions through my link and receive my notes on:

– Castaway Commissions Facebook Training
– Castaway Commissions Instagram Training
– Castaway Commissions Case Study- earn $4997 using free Facebook traffic
– A coupon to choose any PLR from my JVZoo page

Grab your copy of Castaway Commissions now… I do think you’ll enjoy it, earn from it, and get a lot out of it.

>>>> http://jvz1.com/c/515/244038

Enjoy! Always looking for great ways for you and I to earn more in our businesses

That Girl the Writer

P.S. Remember- you get some great bonuses for grabbing this through my link. Definitely worth more than the cost of entry. Hooray!

I’m not sure how long the really low price will last- check it out to make sure you can grab it now:

>>>> http://jvz1.com/c/515/244038