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I wasn’t online hardly at all today– I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep… and then end up napping after the kids go to school… and then I had appointments.

So, I’m trying to get to be by midnight tonight 🙂 I need to get my schedule right.

The good news is that things seem to be trending in the RIGHT direction with my migraine. I really think that this past week was a turning point with my various medicines and acupuncture.

If I can finally get my health back on track, that will be soooo huge for my business. I believe I could easily quadruple my earnings if I could start working full or even half days again.

I have no choice but to find the answer and start feeling better!

Anyway, just a quick message before I get to the main message– this past week I’ve shared with you about Native Ads and Instagram marketing.

I’ll be doing a demonstration of the Instagram browser-based tool. It does a lot and really has potential to transform Instragram for you… I’ll be starting a new account from zero so I might have you follow along with that (this is the tool I’m using:

By the way, this would fit in very very nicely with the Traffikar that a lot of you reading this have. As you know, that’s a method that’s crazy-good and would definitely piggyback off of this.

Now, in the subject line I talked about being able set up/populate an Amazon Affiliate site in a minute.

There are some important things to know about Amazon affiliate sites. More importantly, they can earn well!

You also have to choose a niche/product type that will sell well. Not everything will work.

And once set up, you’ll also have to drive traffic to your site and/or work on SEO.

But… if you focus on longtail keywords and product types, you’ll just naturally start to rank for certain product words and you can start earning.

Amazon is a very friendly way to earn online. It doesn’t take much to get your first sale. And then it gets addictive and it will start to grow from there.

I’ve used many, many different plugins and tools for Amazon affiliate sites over the years.

Some have been better than others. And lately, I haven’t seen anything that adds anything ‘new’ to the mix.

That changed the other day. I was browsing the new tools at JVZoo (that’s where all the tool developers seem to be releasing products these days! So I always look there first for new, innovative tools that can help me earn more money).

The tool I saw is called Azon Profit Engine. 

This does a LOT of things I’ve never seen another Amazon Affiliate tool do.

The heart of it is: It can build you a fully monetized, many-paged, Amazon affiliate site (complete with your affiliate links, content, images, etc.). But it does a lot more.

This plugin will automatically:

-Find Amazon products to promote
-Create a post for each product
-Insert the product features & description
-Add an image of the product
-Insert the product price
-Add product reviews from Amazon
-Insert your Amazon affiliate lin

I know it is hard to believe or visualize, so go watch this video
to see it in action:

–> Watch An Amazon Affiliate Site Created In 60 Seconds

You really need to check this out!

I’m going to be testing this one out– I’ve always love Amazon sites so much. And this is great.

They do have a developer license as an upsell- so this is good for those with clients, too!

It’s REALLY inexpensive. I’ve paid $200 for tools that did less.

Go here to see the absolute lowest price available:


Azon Profit Engine does SO many cool things!


That Girl the Writer

P.S. As I start to feel better, I’ll be able to start creating more free content for you and really focus on my mission of helping EVERYONE who is willing to work hard. You are the reason I do this– I learn from you and I have things I can share with you 🙂 Always write me if you need anything– need help with a step in your business or want my feedback or whatever it is! I also want to start doing wide-open case studies as I can- I find those so helpful. So you can see what I’m doing and how it’s working. So, pray my medicine really kicks in in the next few months. Ha!

P.P.S. There is limit on the really, really, low price for the Azon Profit Engine tool… I hope you can still get the sale price! You should be able to, if you act fast!