book-for-moms-to-work-at-homeHey there,

Happy Halloween!

I’m going as I Love Lucy this year 🙂

If you celebrate, I hope you get to eat lots of candy today. I hope you get to eat lots of candy or do something you really enjoy, either way.

I want to ask you something– do you write and publish for Kindle?

If not, why not?

It’s actually my #1 favorite business model?

Strangely enough, I haven’t focused on it for WAY too long.

That’s changing… immediately. Why? Because we MUST build a new home for our boys. We want a bigger yard before they’re much older.
We MUST pay our debt.
I MUST rebuild my business to the levels I had it before I was so ill.
And Kindle is a big, big part of that. And the Kindle Research Club that I’m sharing with you today is the bread and butter.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Kindle Research Club:

When I have focused on Kindle?

It’s amazingly profitable.

You know what makes it amazingly profitable?

It’s knowing EXACTLY what sells well on Kindle ahead of time.

I want to tell you what’s selling well on Kindle, right now.

Ready for it?

Go here to find out more 🙂


That Girl the Writer

P.S. This is a special ‘club’ where I’ll share up-to-the minute Kindle genre research- you’ll discover profitable fiction and non-fiction genres–

THIS is how you profit on Kindle.

Soon, the price WILL rise (it’s on a dimesale)… and if you don’t act now, there will be a monthly fee for those who buy in the future.

Grab your spot in this club today and you only pay once ever…

Discover what’s profitable now… and you can write, publish, and earn on Kindle once and for all.

I’ve paid $100/month for Kindle memberships that offered WAY less than this in the past. But you can join today for the price of a cup of coffee for you and a friend…