Hey there,

I hope your day is awesome! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday 🙂

I’m just now getting on the computer for a bit- not feeling well today. Took some medicine and then will take a bubble bath to see if that helps!

We entrepreneurs have to push forward no matter what, right? It definitely helps to work from home because I have the chance to focus on self-care so I can work, work, work when the sun is shining and I’m feeling well enough to. Can’t do that with a job out of the home!

In the end, I feel very, very lucky!

Yesterday, I told you about a Traffic-getting product called Traffikar– It’s a way to get traffic through influencers in any niche you’re in. I’m going to continue my review of that for sure- check my Free Facebook group for real-time updates on that review. I do recommend the product)- search your email for details on that from yesterday.

I know you’ve probably been an affiliate for a while, right?

I’ve made great money as an affiliate over the years. I’m ALWAYS looking for great new tools and strategies for making money as an affiliate.

Here’s one:

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/review-wizard/

It’s such a good business model.

There are two different types of websites I’ve created to earn as an affiliate. One type is an authority sites- focusing on a certain niche that also reviews and promotes products.

Another type are my affiliate mini sites– these promote one certain type of product or even a single product. These, I find, do really well.

Affiliate marketing is something I want to do MORE of… especially since site flipping has re-entered my radar.

That means I need to get sites earning.

And creating review- websites (whether large or small) is something that I know WORKS.

That’s why I was excited about Review Wizard- something that came out today.

It was created by one of the highest earning JVZoo and marketing affiliates on the web (impressively so) – Brett Rutecky.

He’s taken a simple WordPress review site that was making ZERO and turned it into a steady $30,000 per month income stream.

He believes that simple affiliate review sites are something anyone can do (with proper training).

So they came out with Review Wizard so that ANYONE can use the EXACT TOOLS they use to work their six-figure business in just a few hours per week 🙂

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/review-wizard/

Brett and his partner believe that review sites are the best way to make affiliate commissions- and I agree. People look for reviews right before they make that buying decision so you can place yourself– your site/s- directly in front of the money.

They say it’s easy for anyone to make money, regardless of experience or background.

They position Review Wizard as a way you can quit your day job and build up to a great income like they have.

Review Wizard has two parts… It’s a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easy for you to get results, even without tech skills or online experience.

With this plugin, they say you can turn any website into a review website with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You can maximize FREE TRAFFIC to your review site, so you can make as much money as possible.

And you can improve your conversions and make more commissions on products you’ve reviewed- because the plugin also comes with a build-in “call to action” bar that the plugin creates automatically.

The second part to Review Wizard is step-by-step training.

You can look over their shoulder to see exactly how to earn a great income as an affiliate.

They disclose the exact steps they take to build a $30,000+ per month online business in the field of product reviewing.

They say their training can help you get started today, even if you’ve never done this before.

And they teach how to get free traffic flowing quickly to your review site (and say you haven’t seen many of these free traffic methods before).

The teach how to start making money, how to make more money, and even how to achieve the income level they have…. Especially with the automated tool this comes with.

I’ve seen similar affiliate plugins and tools selling for hundreds of dollars.

This one is available for less than the cost of ONE meal at a decent restaurant.

Skip that and work on this business instead.

It goes well, by the way, with the great Tony Newton site-flipping product I talked about last week.

I will be reviewing Review Wizard- but I don’t want you to miss the launch deal because it saves you a ton.

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/review-wizard/

Definitely grab it now if you want to revive your earnings or start earning as an affiliate.

Good stuff!

BONUS: Grab this through my link and I’ll send you a cheatsheet showing how I’ve earned thousands as an affiliate over the years. I’m still putting this together so write me back right after you buy and I’ll send it to you. Jump start your Amazon earnings based on my years of experience 🙂

That Girl the Writer

P.S. What would you do if you could quit your job and/or earn six figures a year? I’m working toward that six-figure mark and I think Review Wizard could be a part of that.

Check it out at the early launch price– it’s disappearing very soon:

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/review-wizard/