Hey there,

It’s a brand new week– let’s make a good one 🙂

Last week, we talked about product creation and writing copy. As a niche marketer, I know there’s a third leg to what you do online- and that’s promoting products as an affiliate.

Ideally, you’ve worked hard to build a list or you plan to. It’s your job to help point people to products that can help them. And people are going to buy products anyway, so it may as well be through your link.

Traffic is another important part to all this. How do you get traffic?

A marketer named Fred, popular in online circles, has been using ‘launch jacking‘ to get 100% free traffic.

He says this free traffic source is completely untapped– meaning now is the best time to jump in to use it to get visitors to your website, list, affiliate offers, CPA offers, products, etc… so you can earn more.

Launch Jacking as a method is something I’ve used before- I haven’t had a chance to use Fred’s method specifically, but you can look at the results people are reporting on his page here:

>>>> https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/cvg8l/0

It’s super cheap and this looks to be a highly effective method.


Jenn the Writer (Who knows that getting traffic can be such a bear… but piggybacking off of where traffic already exists is the key… 🙂
P.S. This is low in price now… but the price does rise with each purchase…