Halloween 2016 PLRHey there,

I just got my kids from their first day of school school! They had a GREAT day. I’m so happy and blessed that they have such awesome teachers and schools. I know many areas aren’t nearly as lucky.

I’m working away, typing, typing, typing. Last week’s bug and dump migraine issues set me behind.

 But, this is about you and I wanted to take a minute to tell you about Tiffany Lambert… who buys NINE Halloween costumes a year.

LOL… seriously 🙂

She’s so much fun that she gets her kids 3 Halloween costumes each (go here to read why she does that…)

Read more on that story at this link:

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The point is… Halloween is massively profitable. And people have ALREADY started buying Halloween costumes.

That means people have already started profiting from Halloween costumes.

I mentioned I’ve been writing, writing, writing… and I have NO TIME to write my own Halloween costume articles this year.

That’s a huge bummer because this is a very, very profitable niche.

I’m smiling, though, because Tiff has done the work for us.

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They’re on her page for all to see, so you’ll want to go check those out right now…

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I highly recommend Tiff’s PLR. She’s known as the best in the business for a reason.

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I LOVE Halloween… and now you and I can profit from it.

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That Girl the Writer (who loves not having to write sometimes when other writers like Tiff do the work for us 😉

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