Hey there,
I hope you’re doing awesome!
The holidays are really sneaking up on us all! Hard to believe.
The other day, my friend contacted me on Facebook about something I’d NEVER heard of or thought of.
Well… I’ll back up a bit. I’d heard of it as something I’d BOUGHT before. But I’d never thought about publishing it myself before. It didn’t occur to me that it was possible.
But, she’s very, very smart and on top of everything in self-publishing.
You want to pay attention to this 🙂

Are you struggling to generate more income from your publishing?
If you’d like to generate more publishing income, or leverage more of the
content you already have, I’m excited to share with you a way to profitably
publish to an in-demand niche that people love… and that requires little to no writing!

What if you could tap into millions of hungry buyers, and in many cases,
use the content you already have…or even free content with no penalties?

Amy Harrop is here to show you yet another easy and virtually risk-free way
to create quality content-based products that are in demand!

This is the perfect Repurposed Content Income Stream…either your content,
or freely available content.That’s right, you can create unique in-demand content that sells… with little or no writing for many different age ranges and demographics.This powerful publishing niche is card decks!

Sooooo cool.

Niche card decks can be wildly profitable. We’ve bought them but I’d never considered publishing them myself.

Now you can get the inside scoop on how to quickly publish these profitable products.You’ll discover:

-How to get instant ideas for card decks that sell
-How to create ready to print card decks with drag and drop technology…
-Exactly how and where to connect with eager buyers in your niche
-How to add your deck to marketplaces with thousands of card deck buyers
-And much more!You can learn more here:
Amy’s great… and you’ll pick up some awesome tips from her page alone. Yay!
This is a great business model… it’s a mix for self-publishers and those into ecom. Awesome!
That Girl the Writer… the ideas are spinning
P.S. You’ll want to get in on this now… it’s seriously SUCH a good idea and next to no one has tapped into it at this point…