This Books Free review is definitely a positive one! You might know that I LOVE to research. I could research all day long if you’d let me – and often do! The problem is that there is so much junk on the Internet. You never know what information is true and what will lead you astray. That’s why I prefer REAL books.

The problem with “real” books is that they can be really expensive. I know – you should see my bill. I swear they should give me a huge discount for blowing all my money there 😉 I’m finally wising up, and seeing the need to condense my expenses for research.

That lead me to find Books Free. Have you ever heard of Netflix? Books Free works much in the same way. You pay a flat monthly fee and you get a certain number of paperback books sent to your house. It’s also free shipping both ways.

Yes, I could just go to the library, but being able to search for books on niche topics from the comforts of home is a great thing in my book (pun intended). They have a great selection, fast service, and low prices.

I’m also saving tons of money and have access to great reading for marketing, research, and FUN purposes. I can’t recommend Books Free highly enough. If you want to start doing quality research that isn’t based off of the same old junk that’s elsewhere online, you should get a subscription. I’ll be keeping mine for a long, long time – just don’t tell Amazon.

I also have a special deal for you (shhh, don’t tell!)

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