Barb Ling Black FridayHey there,

I hope you’re doing great!

Today, we had a meeting with our son’s school- it’s such a great school. He’s on the high-functioning autism spectrum. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs and it’s stressful and so hard in some ways because this is the first year he’s really, really noticing the differences about himself.

He’s so special, though. We’re so lucky with this guy 🙂 He’s funny- he’d have you rolling on the floor laughing!

I’ve been hunkered down working hard on catching up with things now that I’m feeling so much better. I’m feel so blessed right now- it’s amazing. Like… wow… this is what it feels like to feel like a human again!? 🙂

I’m definitely still getting migraines fairly regularly. But they’re well controlled with my rescue meds. I’m no longer chronically fatigued though and I don’t have the constant brain fog, malaise, etc. I’d been having. Anyway… I don’t want to write about this health stuff constantly but I wanted to update you.

The other day, I let you know about Barb Ling’s Black Friday guide– you know, the biggest shopping day of the year 🙂

As marketers, we’re always looking for those easy opportunities to ‘stand in front of money.’

Well, this just might be one of the easiest of them all.

People are tossing money around like candy on Black Friday. Okay, maybe not quite like that 🙂 But the holiday season in general is just NUTS for affiliate sales and making money online in general.

People are spending, spending, spending.

I definitely recommend you pick up Barb’s guide on earning big money with Black Friday– it’s super cheap and its innovative.

Here’s that link:


By the way, this is the perfect companion to my Amazon Christmas Toy research club– want to earn with toys this Christmas? This club is super cheap and I share all the best research and strategies 🙂

Check it out:


If you grab Barb’s and mine, (even if you already have), you’ll get free access to the entry-level of my upcoming Kindle profits research club 🙂 Just write me and let me know that you’ve grabbed both of these:


It’s a super-tiny investment- especially since you’ll be getting the Kindle research club as well once it’s released.


Cash in on Black Friday, earn bit with Christmas toys and more, and smile your way to the bank 😉

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