firesaleI hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I had a pretty good one. Late last week, I had a first acupuncture for migraines- I’ve gone before (about 7 years ago) for other issues but not for this.

I’m hopeful! I’ve had a bit of a setback with the migraines (thankfully I’m off of the yucky medicine!), but I think we’ve found a great acupuncturist who seems determined to help me.

She actually did that ‘cupping’ technique on my back as well. My upper back and neck muscles are rock-hard/tense, which can’t be helping things.

As we approach the holidays, I’m thinking more and more of where my business is and where it needs to be.

Right now, a lot of it due to what I’m going through health and motivation wise, my business is nowhere near where it used to be.

I’m NOT one of those people who’s going to tell you I’m traveling the world earning millions of dollars, when that’s not the case 🙂

What I am is a mom and a strong and smart woman, who’s been doing this for a decade– and who has a heck of a lot of knowledge, talent, and skill built up… and NO doubt that I can bounce back to get back to where I was.

A big part of what I do and will do in the future relies on AMAZON!

Amazon is incredible for at-home marketers and business owners like you and I.

There’s Amazon affiliate marketing … Amazon Kindle… Createspace… Amazon FBA

So much.

But did you know that you can create and sell t-shirts on Amazon? Like the Teespring craze.

Did you know you can create homemade goods to sell on Amazon? Like Etsy!

Did you know you there’s a way to “work” directly for Amazon for great money per hour? More than one way, actually…

Well, I had no idea.

Dennis Becker, my favorite marketer, as you know, has recently come out with a book called Ama Easy Income.

It features 14 amazing ways you can make money with Amazon.

There’s truly something here for everyone.

Writers, affiliates, publishers, crafty-people, designers, retail, customer service, no-skills, high-skills, no website, no list… no anything needed!

You CAN earn a great income with Amazon.

Dennis has a MASSIVE guide that details these incredible Amazon-based business models that you can get started with today.


I definitely recommend you grab this guide now. At the time of this writing, you’ll pay just ~$1.22 PER business model when you break it down… PLUS, there’s a great “make money with Amazon at Christmas” guide that Dennis has made available.

Woo hoo!!!

This price WILL rise soon, so act fast. You know I am!


That Girl the Writer

P.S. You’ll love this guide, or Dennis will give you your money back– there’s nothing to lose.

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