Earning $300-$3000 from each affiliate site?

I’ve been a fan of Andrew Hansen‘s products for years. It started with his Niche Marketing on Crack book that I used and did pretty well with. Then it grew to his Firepow product that allowed me to install sites very quickly. Now he has a new course. I bought the course as soon as it opened, fully expecting to love it …

And of course I am loving it so far. One of the best things Andrew does is present things in a way that is easy to understand. As soon as you log in, you are greeted with a welcome video from Andrew himself. In fact, much of the course (at least so far) has been direct from Andrew — him talking to the camera or doing screenshot videos.

I guess I should back up a little bit first. The idea for this course came about because so many people have been having trouble ranking niche sites over the past year or so, with all the Google updates. It’s so bad that many high earning affiliate marketers completely stopped building sites and moved on to other things.

That’s a sign for you and me to pack it in, right?

I did…but not really on purpose. I was annoyed my sites had sunk in the rankings so I either sold them off or let them expire. I didn’t have the heart to keep trying when so many around me were having trouble with them. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have had this attitude since I’d earned a nice income from niche mini sites in the past.

Andrew didn’t want to pack it in. Instead, he moved to the beach (sounds nice!) to do some distraction-free testing. He discovered some things that were fairly shocking — one of those things is that it’s not hard to rank and earn sites these days (click through to see the screenshots). We just have to approach it in a different way. In some cases, it takes less work. Good!

The screenshots on his Forever Affiliate sales letter are shocking in and of themselves — not because I don’t believe Andrew is a high earner but because the results he’s posted are ONLY from his testing in late 2012 or so. That is very recent … and those are some nice earnings in a short period of time.

He has proven that anyone can start from scratch and hope to achieve similar results. I’ll be reviewing the course as I continue to go through it — so far I’ve gotten to the first module and have already had some takeaway “ah-ha” moments … in fact, there is one tip in there I know could have earned me several thousand more dollars per month if I’d known about it years ago.

Take a look at Forever Affiliate, if only to become inspire by the screenshots and some of the tips he reveals right on the page.


If you decide to go through my link, you’ll receive my personal notes from this course, free. That is a huge added value, especially if you prefer to learn via text rather than video. Just contact me and I’ll get you set up.