success-663328_960_720Hey there,

How’s your day been so far? The hours are flying right by!

I’ve mentioned a few times this past week that I can’t believe my oldest son just turned 9!!!

It feels like yesterday that I was cradling him in my arms… a tiny (actually he was big!) newborn.

I used to be a teacher, but I quit my job to stay home with him.

I had to figure out a way to earn a full-time income AND stay home.

Well… marketing, ghostwriting, copywriting, and freelancing was the answer to my prayers.

And here I am, 9 years later!!

I’ve been able to be home with my children all this time… earning a great income while doing it!

I feel so incredibly blessed and I know some of you have been with me on my journey from the very beginning.

So, I actually wasn’t planning to do this… but yesterday I went into my domain account and realized that one domain I’ve had FOREVER was missing.

It housed my very favorite (and my customers’ very favorite) product of all time.

I hadn’t had it on the market for a while (years probably)… even thought it’s evergreen.

I was SO lucky though because my domain was available!

I snatched it up right away (thanking my lucky stars) and the wheels started turning.

I needed to get this course and some of the others I’ve had on the shelf into the hands of more people!

That’s why I decided to grab 4 of my best loved products from the past and bundle them together at a SHOCKINGLY low price (this bundle has a $97+ value) in honor of being in business for 9 years.

You are going to LOVE this bundle. I even used “historic” (LOL) sales copy… just as it was then.

These products are EVERGREEN… but I got a kick out of reading the copy. So sentimental 🙂

And it renewed in me the notion that part of the reason I do what I do is to help others, just like you, earn more in your business.

Right now, the bundle price is the lowest it will ever get.


It will rise in price by $2 each day.

On Sunday, it will at least DOUBLE in price.

So, definitely grab this bundle now (it’s great for all!) or you’ll end up paying a lot more.

This is so fun… and best of all it can be very, very profitable for you.
Enjoy this bundle– I had a blast putting it together.

You’ll get two courses and two great products 🙂

For a rock-bottom price.

That Girl the Writer (who’s feeling nostalgic and also renewed to help more people and grow my business more and more!)

P.S. Remember… RIGHT NOW is the absolute lowest this price will ever be… this is a highly valuable offer, and you’re getting everything for the price you see on this page: