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Yesterday, I told you about something MAJOR I’ve been leaving out of my marketing- out of my list building, affiliate marketing, and also product funnels (I reveal what this is in my notes).

I had this revelation after buying and going through the 9-5 Escape Plan product (by affpro/Paul Barton). I’m SO glad I spent the 6 bucks or so to get it… and that was before I went through and took 3,000+ words of notes (which all who buy through my link get access to- just write me back to grab the notes- UPDATE- Notes are now included in your download area automatically!)

What this product is: It’s a way of building your list and earning from high-converting affiliate products at the same time. It’s a way of building relationships so you make more sales and your list trusts you and buys from you. AND… about half the course includes a traffic method I’ve never heard of or used before– and It’s a good one (my stream of thoughts below talks more about that.

Unfortunately, many people were trying to get through to buy 9-5 Escape Plan yesterday, but they were having server issues. I *think* the link works now, but try again to be safe.

For the price especially, this is a great buy. And it definitely fits in with the business plans and brainstorms I’ve sent you in the past couple of weeks! 🙂

It’s SO important that we all take action and actually earn from these things– and my notes (your bonus for buying) will definitely help you take action.

Here’s where to grab your copy:

>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/9-to-5-escape-plan/

Can you quit your job and earn full time with this? Yes, I believe so. And everyone from newbies to experienced folks should get a lot of value out of this.

Here was my stream of consciousness after going through the product (as posted in my Free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onlinemarketingwriting/ – join in the conversation if you haven’t yet!)

What I posted on FB about this:

Oh my… in this post (http://workathomeformoms.net/ive-been-missing-this-step-as-an-affiliate-review-of-9-5-escape-plan), I share a revelation. I’ve been neglecting something very easy to do… for 10 years. If I’d been doing this thing, I would have made a lot more as an affiliate. There’s a step BETWEEN the squeeze page and the offer.

Sure, we all know about follow up emails and all that. But there’s another page that can come in the middle that will help dramatically improve conversions. So, I’m very happy I grabbed this product that taught this to me. There are so many awesome things that come as a result of being an affiliate. You’re helping people with the products you promote, for one thing– as long as you have the buyers/your list members in mind when you promote things!

Don’t promote junk– promote things people need and want and will feel like they got a huge value from. The problem is that you have to build that trust beforehand in order to convert. And you have to be consistent about promoting and promote in a way that works. If you do those things, you can definitely earn a full time income as an affiliate in a variety of niches. It’s exciting

:And 9-5 Escape Plan is geared toward those who want to build up to a full time income as an affiliate. I’m through the first video of the course and I already learned something that’s worth WAY more than I paid for the whole course and it’s something I immediately know will improve conversions massively, after a decade of doing this. I talk about that in my post:

I learned how to check my affiliate ranking and total number of sales through W+! Never knew that was there. Apparently, I’m the 50th ranked affiliate over the past two months. I know I can get that number higher- this course can be part of that!

More of my thoughts as I went through 9-5 Escape Plan:

  • Very interesting- they take you into their PayPal, W+, and JVZoo accounts to see earnings and rankings and everything. Very transparent- and the account are apparently fairly new.
  • There’s a Facebook Mastermind that goes along with this as well, included in the front-end. I like that there are more vendors doing that. Very helpful!
  • There may be some server issues with the link in my blog post! I was getting errors initially but then it came back for me. Some have reported getting a DNS error from the link- it may be a matter of it coming back online in certain areas. This is the link I’m talking about: http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/9-to-5-escape-plan/
  • It seems like when I click on the link it sends me to a different version of the sales page! I think they are testing 3 different versions, which is fascinating! By the way- this fits in really well with ‘the plan’ we talked about. I think you’ll like it- with Hookum etc. And it’s a lot of focus on relationship building- so, bonus!
  • Anyhow- the intro video gives a thorough overview of the list building/affiliate earning funnel this is the part where I learn I’ve been making a mistake and leaving something important out for 10 years! Ha!
  • There’s a BIG focus on building relationships and providing value for your list members/online contacts/buyers… the way they build relationships is multi-faceted and I love it – I do a lot of this, but got great new ideas as well!
  • I’ve often thought about how things would be different if I focused EVERY day on list building, relationship building, and driving traffic. I’d have a much bigger list and bank account 😉 More importantly, I think of marketing as a way of helping people. So I would have been able to touch many more lives over the years. Like in my emails I often invite people to email me back if they are struggling with anything or need help. It’s important to me to do that. It’s not that I’m the only one who can help, but it’s meant a lot to me to be able to stay home with my kids all these years and I started my “mom blog” so many years ago to help others. Success isn’t in a straight line but I hope to build up my audience/list/readership more so I can help more people. This is one way to do it. And by building up more, I’ll certainly earn more but I’ll also be able to give of my time more. (rambling thoughts- ha!)
  • I’m still going through the course- they have several follow up email swipe autoresponder emails that are good and they include right in the member area that you can use. They also go through and share how to choose the best offer to promote. They focus on the business to business/Internet marketing niche but the same principles can apply for any niche.
  • Now that they’ve covered the affiliate funnel, they’re going into their method of driving traffic- they hint that it’s better than traffic marketers typically go after… will report back on this.
  • Pretty exciting, from my notes: “He says no one else is teaching this. Once you master this, you can print money on demand.”
  • He shows a traffic method that costs pennies– and a way to get ads free as well.
    They probably could have split just this traffic section out and sold that as the product and done just as well! This is very thorough.
  • He shows how to legally use others’ content to make this sort of ad for your affiliate marketing. Clever- I’ve never heard of this.
  • The traffic videos are something I’ll need to watch again- especially while implementing. My notes will help though (you get this as a bonus).
  • I wish they’d gone into some more depth on ad content- but they include their Facebook mastermind so any questions could be asked there. This is something you learn by doing, as well as with the videos.
  • I think just about everyone will find value in 9-5 Escape Plan! Depending on level and your exact business model, you can extract different parts of it to fit what you need. The way they set up their listbuilding/affiliate earning funnel is great– and I will be implementing this
  • My notes (that buyers get as a bonus) are ready! Please let me know if you’ve grabbed this through me and I’ll send them to you! It’s a LOT of notes!!! 🙂
  • So… I definitely recommend you grab this now. The server should be working now (it was going off and on last night!) … and you will enjoy it and hopefully earn great money from it.

Write me back to get the 3,000+ words of notes after you grab your copy, here (Update: Notes are now included in your download area!):

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/9-to-5-escape-plan/

Enjoy the rest of your day! I hope you have big plans for action taking this week– I do!

That Girl the Writer

P.S. 9-5 Escape Plan is about earning a great income online so you can live life your way. The price is super low right now, but sure to go up soon:

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/9-to-5-escape-plan/