NoMigraine Sale
Me, Constantly Lately 🙁

Hey there,

I’m bummed out and not feeling well 🙁 August has been more difficult with my chronic migraines.

I hate talking about it dealing with it and I’m so over it. I’ll have good months and bad months– months when I finally think I have the answer.

It is so, so much better now that I’ve been working with a great neuro for several months. I was having severe migraines just about every single day. Now they are less severe and less frequent… but sometimes I get caught in migraine cycles I can’t seem to get out of.

Probably stress… then there’s the big storm weather coming our way.

I’m behind in work and life and everything else it seems. I want to always be real with you guys… I’m feel so down when I was feeling so up until August or so hit.

I feel like I’m letting everyone down- like my family, customers, clients- everyone. I care so deeply and beat myself up so much and that probably compounds my problem- it’s been over three years now since these stupid migraines started. I feel like a broken person.

I love you all 🙂 I don’t want to depress you! I’m definitely a positive person and I WON’T give up or give in, EVER. 

But I want to make it clear that we all have these down periods sometimes.

Maybe you’re going through a down period yourself or dealing with a chronic illness.

We have to keep fighting, okay? 

Anyway, the pain has stopped for now and I’m left with a numbing fatigue and a feeling of sadness. It’s just the migraine pills I’ve had to take and the “migraine hangover” – I hate it.

I’ve gotten some good advice on migraines from some of you that I’m looking into– thank you!

You might have noticed that I haven’t written you in a few days- sorry about that. I am limiting my computer time to client work only and pre-scheduling social media posts… until this cycle passes.

BUT… I wanted to do something kind of fun.

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Even more recent stuff and bundles. Cool, right?

BUT… you have to have the super-secret coupon code…

It’s “nomigraine”

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Enjoy… keep on keeping on. And send some good vibes my way so I can break out of this awfulness 🙂
Keep your head up! Mine’s down for now… but it will be up soon… haha!
That Girl the Writer
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