Hey there,

I hope you’re having a great Monday! And staying far away from the news. A new crisis every day, it seems. It’s enough to unsettle just about anyone.

No matter what’s going on in the world or country, it’s important to keep your business going and growing.

I don’t know if you’ve considered this before, but offering your own coaching/teaching/tutorial program is a great way to do that. It’s a wonderful way to help people, it leaves you feeling good and delivering real value, and it boosts your earnings in a major way.

The problem is that it can take ages to create a coaching program that sells. I should know– I’ve created a few of them over the years.

There’s one person who has really hit it out of the park consistently with his coaching programs. It’s Sean Mize!

Today, he’s actually letting you grab some of his best coaching lessons so you can use them with your own clients and customers.

This is 25 IM niche coaching lessons you can edit to make your own or use just how they are! With these lessons, you can create your own 25 week coaching program.

This is great whether you want to start a coaching program or membership site of some kind… or if you’ve already started one and want to add to it.

These are the exact 25 lessons Sean has used in his most effective coaching program ever.

These lessons will teach your clients:

  • How to outline and blueprint their business
  • How to develop their sales funnel
  • How to create products
  • How to find traffic
  • How to write sales letters
  • How to write emails
  • How to create YouTube videos and create a YouTube presence
  • How to create an entire info-business
  • More!

These lessons are a total of 202 pages and 50,000+ words.

You can use these lessons as a 25 week coaching program, a 100 day coaching program, a 100 lesson coaching program- whatever you like!

Use these for ideas or use them as-is.

This is truly a wonderfully low price from someone who always produces great stuff. This is less than the price of a pizza 🙂 And you’re going to love it.

Check it out now before the early price is gone.

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That Girl the Writer

P.S. This saves you a ton of time… lots and lots of hours you’d have to spend creating your own. Everyone in the IM niche (or who wants to be) should grab this.

P.P.S. For less than the price of a pizza, you get a complete 25 lesson coaching program to make your own or use as-is. Get your copy, now!:

>>>> http://readypremiumcontent.com/go/sean-mize-coaching-program/