Hey there,
Happy Friday! What a week 🙂
I’m feeling very positive because Spring is in the air and I’m starting to feel better and better as far as the migraines go!
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I’m big time into Kindle as always– and I think it’s so important to have the very best information to start from as a Kindle author and/or marketer.
It’s important to follow in the footsteps of success.

As an indie author, I’m always looking to learn

the secrets behind the books topping the charts.

So I spend a lot of time researching- Trying to find out what they have in common.

My buddy, Bolaji O (he’s great and I love all of his stuff! A truly good person), recently stumbled on a little-known strategy that, in one study, found that 7 of the top 10 (70%) bestsellers are using CONSISTENTLY.

In fact,134 of the top 200 bestsellers (67%) don’t launch without this:

This is really, really cool… and Bolaji details everything in his Book Catapult Method.

Click here to learn more about the Book Catapult Method.

Good stuff!

Check it out…

That Girl the Writer
P.S. The headline on the page is “He Earned $12,000 on Day One” – so you’re definitely going to want to see what else he has to say 🙂