noisetradeThe other day, Hugh Howey announced that he had made one of his books available as a free download on a site called Noisetrade. I’d never heard of this site before, but I was intrigued… it’s hard not to be when you see the words “Hugh Howey” and “free” in the same paragraph.

I clicked on over to Noisetrade, as a reader, and instantly became interested in the site as a writer. It’s set up to allow authors (and musicians) to gift their book to people. The reader just has to enter their email address and zip code, agreeing to hearing from Noisetrade every now and again.

The catch? There isn’t one, really, unless you can’t resist the clear “suggested tip” messages 🙂 Not that you should resist them, really. I’ll admit that I went for the freebie but gave tips to both of the authors I downloaded from. Partially out of guilt and partially out of loyalty to other writers. That’s what they’re going for, right?

I highly suggest you check out Noisetrade as a writer and as a reader. I’ll be really interested to see how this takes off.

I haven’t really looked into the options for writers yet, but I assume they’re looking for all the high quality books and authors they can get. If I find out differently, I’ll update this post. I’ll also update thish post as I learn more about Noisetrade.

Here are the two books I downloaded: