Did you know there is a way to get a 90 day affiliate
cookie set on Amazon? (this instead of a 1 day cookie).

Did you also know there is a way to get people to
fill their carts with more stuff, on autopilot? (you
earn commissions on all of it, of course).

The answer is in cross selling. Amazon does this wonderfully
on their own pages. They are constantly making suggestions
for more stuff you can buy.

They do this because it works.

The powerhouse marketers at Amazon are something to watch…

What would you say if I told you you can have this
functionality on your own sites
that promote Amazon

You can! It’s as easy as uploading a plugin, entering a
few options, and pressing, SAVE.

Your site will then have “Add to Cart” 90 day cookie
functionality, and your site will instantly find and
suggest products for your visitors to buy.

Selling a toy? Your site will now suggest the
accessories and batteries.

Selling an electronic? Your site will now recommend
the warranty, case, and other doo-dads.

This is a great way for ALL Amazon Associates to increase
their income.


This product of Edwin’s (can you tell he’s my favorite
Amazon plugin guy?) is selling like crazy. Some huge
names have promoted this because it’s so great.

If you grab it through my link (any of the versions – single,
multisite, or developer), you will receive my FRESH guide
on making the most of it. This includes email brainstorming
with me.

You’ll get this guide in your downloads after your purchase.


P.S. I’m installing this on all Amazon sites. It’s so easy
and is bound to increase conversions year-round.

You’re piggy backing off of Amazon’s great marketing
techniques — and they work! Get it going on your site
to improve earnings and conversions within 5 minutes
of lazy effort.